They (you know – the people who know Everything!) say we use only 10% of our brain’s power.  Can you imagine how bored the other 90% of your brain must be?

How Does YOUR Brain Impact Your Job Search?

Our brains are powerful when we create powerful reasons to act.  Most people call those reasons “Motivation.”  Many of my friends are powerful professional speakers who speak on Motivation.

Unfortunately, our brains are also powerful when we allow them to sit back – and think.  Sometimes, that “thinking” deters us from action.  Think of the 10% of our brain that we use as our conscious brain and the other 90% as our subconscious brain.

The negative side of that 90% of the brain works very hard when we are experiencing Grief.  For instance, when a person loses their job, they will experience the stages of grieving.  Some people blow through those stages of grief.  Other professionals find themselves mired in one stage or another.

Understand that it is normal to experience grief when you are laid off from work. Most of us in the US identify so completely with what we do at work, it becomes our identity.  It is natural for people to ask what we do when we meet them for the first time. We tell them about our current job.

These are the stages of grief that you, a family member, or a friend may experience.

  1. Fear – that you may not be able to find a job that paid as well as your last job.
  2. Depression – if that depression is deep, please find professional assistance from a doctor.
  3. Anger or Betrayal – you may be angry that your company put you in this position.
  4. Denial – may encompass many different aspects of your job search that we will discuss.
  5. Acceptance – become more comfortable and focus on the future instead of the past.

Let’s briefly discuss Denial.  You are in denial when your brain says, “It is fine not to spend time on your search today.”  It may tell you that “No one wants to speak with you.”  Your brain may say, “Networking does not work.”  Then it adds Fear to make you Depressed.

See how an idle brain may impact your job search?

What Actions Do I Need to Take?

If you find one stage of grief that is messing with your job search, Focus on your next steps to find a job.

What is your most important first step? Create a list of skills, attributes, and experiences that are your strengths. This rebuilds your self-confidence.  Think of the 90% of your brain that is bored as your subconscious.  This action gives it something positive to focus on.

Then you create a list of 500 people you know, went to school with, worked with, stood on the sidelines when your children played sports.  How many LinkedIn connections do you have?  That list of connections may be a nice headstart.

Your next action is important – begin calling those people. In my books, I call your conversation starter as your “Here I Am!” speech.  You may know it as your one-minute commercial or elevator speech.  It is one minute or so long where you speak briefly on your experience with one or two accomplishments that you are excited about, why you are looking for a new position, and what you would like to do next.  Then you ask, Who do you feel I should contact next?

Every networking call that you make builds your self-confidence and better prepares you for your interviews.

All of these steps gives your brain something positive to focus on completing, instead of draining your self-confidence.

Since March 15, 2020,  eleven of the 26 professionals I coach have received and accepted offers – most received a raise.

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See you on Fridays!

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