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As a professional Career Coach, my clients come dressed for coaching in all forms of dress – very casual to very professional.  In today’s Covid-19 world we meet over Zoom video conferencing.  It is interesting to see how they will dress for our meetings because their dress tells me how successful they will be in their search for a new position.

Humans are Habitual Creatures

We all have our habits – generally not the obsessive Monk (from the television series) style habits.  When faced with a situation that we handled successfully in the past, we attempt to apply the same solution to a similar situation.  This is the premise behind Behavioral Interviewing questions.

This is especially true of our preparation for work, whether it is early morning or preparing to work a night shift.  Our preparation becomes a ritual where we have a certain order cleaning ourselves prior to getting dressed. For me, shaving is my last step prior to putting on my dress clothes for work.  Some women have their own rituals around dressing and putting on make-up for work.

When we prepare for work, what are we telling our brain?  “Get ready!  We are going to work!”

Dressing for Work Impacts Your JobSearch

Wait!  How does That work?  Our ritual conditions our brain to prepare for work.  If you are off most weekends, do you prepare for your weekend days differently than your workdays?  Generally, yes.  Your weekend preparation and dress ritual sends your brain the message it is time to relax, work on a hobby, clean the house, take a hike, etc.  Get your mind off of work and refresh.

During Your JobSearch, what Message are You Sending your Brain?

Are you sending the message that it is kickback and relax time?  If so, your brain will relax and be tempted to say, “Whatever…that sounds like work” if you are trying to find a job. 

Are you messaging your brain, “It’s time get working on finding our new job!”.  Searching for a new position is hard, full time work.  The effort requires your entire being to be fully present.  Doesn’t it make sense to use our brain’s prior conditioning for work in our search for a new job?

Your Workday Ritual Is IMPORTANT

Harness the Power of Visualization to find your next position.  Prepare for work to kick in your mind’s resources.  Search for a job doing something you are passionate doing.

Many times over the years, people asked me “Why are you JUST a Recruiter after 39 years?”  My response is always the same because it is my passion – “Where else may I make the impacts I can make in my client company’s productivity by finding the best new employee for them.  Where else may I make the impacts in People’s lives who may be wilting under their current management that I may make when I find the best position for them that enables them to blossom in their career?”

My hope for you is that You find a job where you feel the same passion as me.

This is a link to my 106th television interview – Finding a Job During Covid-19 –

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