Some of you are saying, “Are you simply Crazy now?”  Others are saying, “Did you Ever stop being a hippie?”  The answers are “No, but that may be up for some debate…” and “Never thought about it that way – and I did hitchhike across the US three times in 5 days each time – and once I hitchhiked from Las Vegas, NV to Boston, MA in 12 ½ hours.”

If you believe, as I do, that sometimes the Universe (some people may say God or Guardian Angel) tries to point us in the direction we should head.  We may fight that push or even deny there is a push. 

I believe that things happen for a reason.

For instance, in 2009 the state of Iowa drove my recruiting business out of the state with its sales tax rules.  They allowed someone who viewed people like me as a competitor to write the sales tax rules on recruiting as a service to drive us out of business.  The result was the company writing the rules only had to charge the Iowa Sales Tax to companies in Iowa. I was charged for not charging Iowa Sales Tax on clients inside and outside of Iowa.  That policy would have driven me out of business – or out of Iowa (where we lived for 15 years and loved to live).

The legislature refused to change the rules, therefore, they forced us to leave Iowa.  As you may imagine, we felt the state let us down and we were disappointed and a little depressed.

After investigating business-friendly states, we decided to move to Utah.  This was during the recession in 2009. The result was I helped 108 Utah professionals find new jobs, wrote 2 books (and writing my 3rd book now) on Finding A Job, and successfully recruited for 2 Utah companies. Overall, being forced out of Iowa was a good move for us -and the people and companies of Utah.

The Universe Forced Me To Search For A Job?

With only 36% of professionals happy in their current jobs, sometimes it takes a Layoff or a Manager so poor to steer Professionals in a new direction.  Therefore, you have been handed an opportunity to find a new job where you may even make more money, have more fun at work, and make more impacts!

This has been the experience of most of the people I have coached who worked hard networking to find a new position.   The smiles on their faces and their excitement when they accept a new offer is almost palpable. 

Use your opportunity to listen…determine your path…target a few great companies… and network your way into a Dream Job!  As I say in my books, “You Got This!”

Look at your job search as an opportunity to find your Dream Job.  I realize it may not appear that way through your lens at this moment.  My expert recruitment experience over 39 years and my experience as an expert Career Transition Coach demonstrate that people who work hard networking during their search for their Dream Job are blessed by finding that new job.

For more details on your job search and for a Salary Negotiation script to accelerate your #Jobsearch, please immediately click on this link to my recent book, Employee 5.0: Secrets Of A Successful Job Search In The New World Order  My book contains the 12 Steps to find a new position in a nice, orderly fashion that follows your sales process.  According to a newspaper review, “It is refreshing to find an author who speaks With you and not At you!” It also has the stories of people who did well – and some who did not. You may learn from both sides.

My Talent Attraction business model is to work with one company at a time and charge a flat monthly fee.  This enables me to become part of a company’s team for short or long periods.  Therefore, I know what is going on behind the curtain that candidates and book writers outside of my field cannot see.

I am here to help you further each week.  Feel free to click on Follow US and Share at the bottom of our blog.

See you on Fridays!

Coming Soon, my third book on Finding A JobExpect Success!  The Art Of The Over 50 Job Search!

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