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I applaud that companies are developing interview training programs for their hiring managers.  If a hiring manager has not been taught how to effectively interview, they certainly have not been taught how to select the best candidate.  Ever hear, “This person feels good in my gut”?  When I hear that statement, I respond, “Guts are great for storing and processing food, not so great for evaluating candidate skills and experience.”
  In my experience it is best to include job description writing as part of the interview training.  Job descriptions, even in the same company, change every couple of years (or more often) in our world.  New software is introduced.  Continuous process improvement changes processes and possibly reporting duties.  New hardware is introduced.  Then there is the whole world of Social Media that is constantly changing.  Make sense?
 Think about this for a second – if the job description is not on target:
1) Your recruiters will source the wrong candidates;
2) As a result of the sourced talent pool, everyone will interview the available candidates with the wrong skills and experience;
3)  Then the hiring manager will be asked to choose among those candidates with the wrong skills to extend an offer;
4) The wrong person will be selected – and will not work out; and,
5) The interviewing process will be blamed.
 Just ponder that while you are creating an interview training program.  The process from opening a new or replacement requisition through engagement and retention of employees is tied inextricably together.
With 35 years as a professional recruiter, and public speaker/trainer for 23 years, my perspective may be a little different than most people. Sometimes I see things differently…
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