Corridor Business Journal Retention Requires Attention

Few people know that Retention falls under the SALES Process known as Talent Attraction (Recruiting). When Executives understand that the Talent Attraction Process mirrors the SALES Process perfectly, they will see that Employee Retention is the last step in the Talent Attraction Process.

Are SALES Professionals responsible for Client Retention? Of course, it depends upon the Sales model, but someone in SALES is responsible for retaining clients. The same needs to be true in Talent Attraction. Sales professionals (should) know how to handle objections – most times by asking leading questions. If a new employee has a concern, most employees have been conditioned that Human Resources will only report the problem to their manager. A sales professional will ask questions that may help the new employee solve the problem without reporting it. The problem may be a simple misunderstanding regarding the duties. If the Recruiter is an employee in Operations, they would understand how the department works and who are the decision makers.

When I am on a Talent Attraction contract with a company, I follow the talent that I attract to ensure they settle in. This article in the Corridor Business Journal creates a path for Executives and Hiring Managers to follow – Retention requires attention (

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