Talent Attraction Safari Series #2

Impalas near a danger sign

Does Your Company Have To Recruit Like The Herd? During my recent safari in the Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa, we came upon these Impalas feeding around a danger sign. Initially, I found it hilarious because they had no clue what the sign said. They were simply feeding inside the potential trap. Then I…

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Talent Attraction Safari Series

Giraffe in the sunset

Do You Feel Alone In Your Search for Qualified Candidates? Occasionally, it only takes a change of scenery to spark new ideas. Recently, during a Safari in Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa, I took this photo of a solitary giraffe. As a leading Talent Attraction Consultant, my process is to see things differently. Then…

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Talent Attraction Tuesday

Is Recruiting a Problem for Your Company? Let’s Try Something Different “Sometimes, I see things differently…” is the tagline that I have used for a long time. My feeling is that since I am lefthanded, I need to adapt – and have had to adapt my entire life. This ability to adapt benefits my Talent…

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Corridor Business Journal Do your managers achieve engagement through clever coaching?

The title of my latest article for the Corridor Business Journal is “Do Your Managers Achieve Engagement Through Clever Coaching?” Since the Recruiting Process mirrors the SALES Process perfectly, Employee Engagement and Employee Retention are important areas of expertise in my Talent Attraction Consultant business at RecruiterGuy.com. Are you aware that in Gallup’s State of…

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