Book Reviews

It is important in the contract recruitment consulting business to continue to learn new methods, philosophies, and businesses. Therefore, new books are a valued source of information.

This area will be broken into book reviews for corporations and for candidates.

Occasionally RecruiterGuy will write a review on a book that we feel makes an impact in the recruitment, human resource, or sales field (Recruitment is sales).  In the review, both the upside and the downside of the book is discussed.

We may also do something a little different than most reviewers.  Our first review was on "Topgrading" by Brad Smart.  We reviewed it from the corporate point of view on the Manager side (click on Corporate Book Reviews) and from the candidate point of view (click on Candidate's Book Reviews) on the Candidate side.

NEW! For your convenience, if you would like to purchase a book after reading the book review, you may simply click on the link to Amazon below the review and order it.  Look for more innovations from, a successful contract recruitment consulting firm.

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