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What Type of Professional Recruiter Services Should Our Company Select?

If you need outside help, how do you differentiate between the different types of professional recruiters who work in our profession?

Try to find a recruiter who is reputable.  Unfortunately, there are too many recruiters who are not professional.  That simply is the way it is.

If you find a professional recruiter that you like and respect, keep in touch with that person.  Note that we said "person", not "firm".

While there are "good" recruitment firms and "bad" recruitment firms (just like anything else), there are better performers in every firm.  Those are the professionals who are worth their weight in gold to you, both from a corporate and a personal point of view.

RecruiterGuy will provide a discussion of the different types of recruitment firm.  Obviously, the business model that RecruiterGuy.com chose is our favorite - contract recruitment consulting.  However, we will be fair in our assessment of all firms because all different business models have their place, and any model can be effective for your company if utilized in the correct recruitment strategy and budget.


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