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Recruitment Marketing that Opens Minds

Effective recruitment marketing programs usually are ones that combine a number of different media. Your first opportunity to market your business is on your website. If you decide to use Social Media in your recruitment efforts, provide links to your Social Media sites, such as Twitter or Facebook.

You present the look and differentiate your company from your employment competitors.

RecruiterGuy can help with your employment branding.

As a contract recruitment consulting firm our purpose is to help you open candidates' minds that your company is the one with whom they want to be affiliated.

If you are effectively reaching people who are not looking for a new job, you are reaching the "passive" candidates.

Once RecruiterGuy understands your culture and business, he makes suggestions for recruitment marketing for your company.  We give both the upside and the downside of each suggestion. Every marketing opportunity costs something - money or time.  

It is important to be resourceful and opportunistic.  Take advantage of situations that arise to market your company as a "Great Place to Work."

You may add employee comments why they feel your company is a great place to work - just don't use their last names.

As a contract recruitment consulting firm for over fourteen years, we have seen the successes and failures of recruitment marketing campaigns. One of our Contract Recruiter Consultant strengths is the ability to develop a recruitment marketing campaign that is effective and fits your budget.

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