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Identifying Recruitment Processes

In order to improve your recruitment processes, we need to identify them. These are the minimum number of processes, but your company may have more, especially ones that extend to the first day a new employee begins. As an experienced contract recruiter consultant, Professional Speaker, and Award Winning Author, we know what questions to ask as we consult with you. In his book RecruiterGuy’s Guide To Finding A Job, Bill demonstrates that the recruitment process is a sales process for both the hiring manager and those people who are attempting to find a job.

Some processes may be automated. If they save your recruiters and hiring managers time while remaining effective, they are worth exploring.

However, do not confuse automation with success. In some cases RecruiterGuy has seen automation just automate defective processes - making bad things happen faster. Someone (your team - that may include temporary professional help) needs to "sell" the best candidates and "deliver" them to your hiring managers.

What are YOUR Recruitment Processes?

    • Recruitment Process Improvement - to open a new or replacement requisition. Does your approval process include the creation of meaningful job descriptionswith stated 3, 6, 9, and 12 month goals?
    • Employee Requisition Approval Process. As a contract recruiter consultant, RecruiterGuy has worked with many different applicant tracking systems (ATS). We help you determine where and how to post your openings in order to find the best qualified candidate who is your best fit. Remember, it is important to graze where the wanted candidates are grazing. If your company needs diversity recruitment, we will help you tailor an effective Diversity Recruitment program.
    • Marketing Process. As a contract recruitment consulting firm, we have worked with many companies to improve their recruitment marketing. We have worked with many companies in varied industries so RecruiterGuy (note the marketing!) can help your company better brand and market itself as an employer. Remember that recruitment marketing includes social media recruiting. If you are interested in social media recruiting, are you engaged and committed to the time it takes to engage all candidates? Social media recruiting can be a very effective way to attract candidates. Before you commit to social media recruiting, read my blog Embrace Social Media Recruiting…? Remember social media recruiting consultants are there to sell you social media recruiting solutions.
    • Sourcing Process - Direct or Indirect or a Combination of Both? As a contract recruiter consultant we can help you determine the best way to attract Impact Performers while staying within budget. Remember that social media recruiting and mobile recruiting are marketing and sourcing tools – not “recruiting”. Are candidates that you are recruiting from out of town? If so, you may want to read Recruiting Out of State Talent Successfully.
    • Selection Process (Interviewing). Have your hiring managers been taught how to be effective interviewers? If not, they haven't been taught how to select Impact Performers. RecruiterGuy provides either formal or informal interview training. Based on this blog The Best Qualified Candidate Rarely Gets The Job, we conducted a webinar in 2010.
    • Reference Checking Process. In our experience in contract recruitment consulting, we've found that reference checks conducted by the Hiring Manager are far more relevant than if done by human resources. Hiring managers make legal decisions for your company daily. Teach them how to conduct legal reference checks by focusing on the requirements to be successful on the job. Simple psychology demonstrates that hiring managers receive better reference checks because they are perceived to be peers of the reference.
    • Sales Process (Offer/Close). Contract recruiter consultants who have been invited back to companies demonstrate they know how to help you deliver the Impact Performer to your team. Remember it is important to be prepared for the counter offer.
    • New Employee Orientation. Remember that your company may only make one first impression as an employer. RecruiterGuy can help you make that onboarding experience a good, positive one. Remember that great candidates who accept offers do not necessarily start. Their current employer may extend a counter offer or even a friend may try to talk them into staying. It is important to follow the process from the offer acceptance to job start transition.

As a seasoned contract recruiter consultant and Professional Speaker, we enjoy helping our clients improve their processes and the quality of their hires.

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