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Is It Time to Embrace Social Media Recruiting?

As a contract recruiter consultant and Professional Speaker on recruitment related topics, we have been called upon to help clients develop a social media program that fits within their budget and within their time constraints.

How does your company set up a social media recruiting program? Ask a lot of questions. What level of candidate engagement can you afford? How long will it take to implement? Where do we want to participate (For instance, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn)? Is there a social media presence within professional associations where candidates may participate? Where do our potential candidates “live” within the virtual world? There may be some very creative ways to reach them, even potentially subliminally (hint – are they gamers?).

Do you ever have candidates who finish a close second during the interview process? Do you ever ask them if you may keep in monthly contact with them? You may use a tool like Constant Contact.

Many times companies feel the need to constantly recruit new candidates when they have already interviewed the best fit. Keep in mind that if your company has not formally trained your hiring managers how to interview, they certainly have not been trained how to select the best qualified candidate. Yes, all of these recruitment processes are tied together.

Humans are wonderfully predictive in their actions. This is the basic premise of behavioral interviewing. It is human nature to be excited about something new. Did you ever promise your parents that you will take care of the puppy if they will bring it home? How soon were they letting your puppy out, cleaning up after him/her, and feeding them? After going to a Human Resource conference, how many of your staff feel that your company MUST develop a social media recruiting program? As a contract recruiter consultant, we have the opportunity to come into a company after the polish has worn off of the technology. Remember, when you engage candidates they are both qualified and unqualified. For some reason, the unqualified candidates are the ones that seem to usurp most of the time. Ask yourself should we Embrace Social Media Recruiting…?

Once you decide that your staff is committed and engaged for social media recruiting, it is time to determine the level of time commitment. Remember that social media recruiting is primarily a marketing and sourcing tool. Your consistent marketing is potentially selling the candidates on your company’s brand. Therefore one member of your staff needs to be the local social media expert for your company.

May I suggest that you go to the social media sites of the companies who present well? Understand their strengths and weaknesses. Then develop a social media recruiting program that fits your budget and time commitments.

Engaging candidates in discussions is fun. We have made a living engaging candidates for over 30 years. The best social media solutions engage candidates and draw them to you. We can help!

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