Recruitment Marketing Processes

These processes are among the most misunderstood in the recruitment world. As a contract recruitment consulting firm, is intimately aware of recruitment marketing tools and how best to apply them. We teach you how to successfully employ social media recruiting as one of your marketing/sourcing tools. Too often people call the marketing effort “Recruiting”. The purpose of marketing is to open potential candidates’ minds to the opportunity to work with your company. This is one of our recruitment related topics as a Professional Speaker.

Too often, recruitment marketing is equated directly to a number of hires gained from the effort. A better way to measure the effectiveness of the recruitment marketing effort is to measure the quality and number of qualified candidates.

Our feeling is that recruitment marketing should be designed either to "brand" an organization as one of the best for candidates to apply or to answer potential objections before they come up in the corporate pre-screening process for candidates. It can also be an indirect sourcing tool to attract candidates to you. This is where the use social media is most effective. Working as a contract recruiter consultant, we can help you direct your recruitment marketing in order to attract the curiosity of Impact Performers.

The Internet and the proliferation of mobile devices of all kinds continue to provide companies with brand new tools for marketing purposes. We enjoy utilizing these tools to measure their success. Remember, rarely does one tool work for everyone. The variables include cost and commitment to recruitment marketing.

However, there is a time and place for many other types of recruitment marketing. Please understand that the employment marketplace can change rapidly. It is important to react to the changes quickly. Therefore, marketing efforts that were very successful 6 months ago could fall flat today.

What is the process for developing a recruitment marketing program?

1) What is your recruitment marketing budget? Some companies seem to have a bottomless budget for recruitment marketing and are able to produce results that make other companies shake their heads. However, most companies have to make choices that fit into their budgets. As an experienced contract recruiter consultant, we help develop a recruitment marketing program that is most effective for our clients’ needs.

2) How many positions do you need to fill? What skills do these candidates need? Where do these candidates “live”? Are they online? Are they engaged in social media? Are they found in professional associations? Is your culture active in recreation activities? Do you sponsor events? Are some candidates primarily found only through direct sourcing? It is important to take an inventory of your candidate needs, when you will need them, and develop a strategy to market and source them that falls within your recruitment marketing budget.

3) What marketing efforts have worked for your company in the past? Sure, social media marketing sounds like it is more fun. However, let’s say that advertising for your company’s positions in the newspaper still works great for you. Should you move away from marketing that works? Probably not. You may consider dipping your social media toe in the water for one or two appropriate positions in order to get some experience with social media marketing. Before making a complete leap into social media marketing, it is important to understand the time and dollar costs commitment. Every tool requires either time or money, and most require both. Read our article from Recruiting Trends - Embrace Social Media Recruiting…?

4) After developing your marketing program and begin to implement it, remember to put metrics in place to measure your success and true costs. As a contract recruiter consulting firm, we help you improve all of your recruitment processes in order to deliver the best candidates from your marketing dollars. has an alliance with JW Morton and Associates, corporate headquarters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When a client does not have a relationship with a recruitment advertising firm, or is not happy with their current firm, we introduce them to JW Morton and Associates . It is important to get the most for your marketing dollar. JW Morton and Associates provides us with those quotes and advice on new marketing tools. Over the past ten years, every client has been happy with their performance. Most clients continued the relationship with JW Morton and Associates after our project was completed.

These are the kinds of alliances that help make a successful contract recruitment consulting firm.

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