Recruitment Strategies/Social Media Recruiting?

How to Attract and Recruit the Top 10%

The value, or even purpose, of developing recruitment strategies generally are misunderstood within companies. Many times, companies seem to fail to realize that Recruiting is a Sales process. As such, it is a dynamic process that should change the instant your competition for talent improves. What does a recruitment strategy include? As a Professional Speaker on Recruitment Topics and expert contract recruiter consultant, we ask the following questions:

1) What kind(s) of candidate skills do we need?

2) When do we need them?

3) What is our corporate culture? Have we taken the time to brand ourselves as an employer?

4) What are our recruitment processes? (employee requisition approval, job description development process, recruitment marketing, sourcing, selection (analysis by both the company and the candidates), references/drug testing, sales/offer, new employee orientation). Are they efficient and effective? Do they reflect that Recruiting IS Sales? Or does your company follow the Candidate Screen Out process?

5) When did we last examine our recruitment strategies? As time passes, recruitment needs change and the methods of recruitment change (most recent major impact - social media/mobile recruiting). Can we do better than we have up until now? How does social media recruiting fit into our strategy?

6)How strong are our job descriptions? Are they detailed with the quarterly goals for the first year? If you feel that your job descriptions need improvement read Building an Effective Job Description.

7)If you decide that you want to explore social media recruiting as a marketing/sourcing tool read Embrace Social Media Recruiting…? Answer the questions including engagement and commitment.

8) How does our employment web page measure up? Is it designed to screen out candidates? Will an Impact Performer be attracted to our culture? The days of just listing openings are going, going...Make adjustments for the next generation of job seeker! Remember research shows that every click a candidate has to make in order to find your open positions, you lose 1/2 half of the candidates. As an expert contract recruiter consultant we can help you determine the level of commitment you make to social media initiatives. RecruiterGuy will help you optimize your recruitment website to Attract Passive Candidates.

9) Have you considered acquiring a .jobs Top Level Domain to point candidates directly to your open position list?

10) What is preventing our success attracting the top 10% of candidates? Or are we satisfied with the level of candidate that we are attracting - and how do we stay on top?

11) Can we achieve our goals utilizing corporate staff? Or do we need outside temporary professional recruitment assistance, such as a contract recruiter consultant or contingent recruitment support? If we need outside help, what kind is most beneficial to our situation?

12) What is our budget for recruitment?

We address these questions in your recruitment strategy. Remember, successful recruitment is not magic. The top recruiting staffs do the fundamentals well. A strong, yet flexible recruitment strategy is the basis of the fundamentals for recruiting and delivering the best candidates.

As a contract recruitment consulting firm, assesses your current recruitment strategy and assesses your staff. We will be happy to either tweak your current recruitment strategy or help your company develop a new one. Additionally, we consult with you on the best way to upgrade your staff.

We provide recruitment strategy development training; and this is topic that is fun to present at conferences because there are so many options. Professional speaking opportunities are welcome.

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