Workshop - Interviewing
"How to Select Impact Performers"

This workshop is designed for Hiring Managers.

How many times have you heard a hiring manager say “This person feels good in my gut?” My reply to them is “Guts are great for storing and processing food, not so good for selecting candidates!” As a Contract Recruiter Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Award Winning Author it is important that I help my audience understand the importance of effective interviewing. This training is based on RecruiterGuy's experience as a contract recruitment consulting firm. For your convenience, at the bottom of the page you may click through to to purchase books that I have found helpful.

How to Select Impact Performers is a four hour workshop where managers role play and learn how to be more effective in their selection of Impact Performers. One of our first exercises is discovering the cost of a poor hire for your company. Then we practice developing behavioral interviewing questions and how to probe a candidate's experience. RecruiterGuy offers this training on Saturdays when managers are away from their phones and email. As a contract recruiter consultant, professional speaker and award winning author, Bill is on the front lines of successful talent acquisition.

The cost of this workshop is $5,500 per session with a limit of sixteen participants in each session. For an extra $500 we provide the managers reference notebooks to take with them after the workshop.

Discussion Points

    • What is the COST of a poor hiring decision in your company?
    • People are the Most Important Resource
    • Interview Theory, Design, and Purpose
    • Activity - Practice Interview Techniques
    • Design the Interview
    • Activity - Develop a Model for Work, Strategic, and Cultural Analysis - What are your 3, 6, 9, 12 month goals for this position?
    • Interviewing and Selecting the Candidate - developing applicable behavioral interviewing questions and how to probe on experience
    • Effective Reference Checks

Companies that do not train their hiring managers how to effectively interview candidates, do not train them how to select the best qualified candidates. They are doomed to live with the people they get, not the best qualified candidates that will grow their business.

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