"Secrets of a Successful Job Search"

This presentation launched Bill’s career as a Professional Speaker and has been delivered primarily at professional Career Fairs nationwide since 1995. Most contract recruitment consulting professionals recognize the importance of performing the job search fundamentals well first. Then work into the newer available technologies. A growing number of college campuses are requesting this presentation. On March 23, 2012, Bill presented this workshop at The University of Utah Career Services Job Club in Salt Lake City. Julie Swaner, PhD, wrote a nice LinkedIn recommendation on Bill’s LinkedIn Profile.

As a result of the recession and the number of people who are out of work, Bill used his contract recruiter consultant experience to write a serious/humorous book on finding a job. "RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job" may be purchased on Amazon or RecruiterGuy Guide. As a result of his efforts he was recognized as an Award Winning Author.

If most managers have not been taught how to interview, how are you going to bring out your best attributes during your interview? This is a lively presentation that is based on over thirty years of professional contract recruitment consulting experience.

Discussion Points

    • Set a Goal - What do you want to do? As a Contract Recruiter Consultant it is frustrating to find candidates who do not have a clear goal in their job search. If you do not have a set career goal, follow this process. Take a sheet of paper. At the top of the paper list "Professional Skills" and list all of the professional skills that you excel. Go back over that list and put an asterisk next to the skills that you do well and enjoy doing. Now search on those skills to see what jobs include their proficiency as a requirement. This process will help you determine what job you may enjoy the most.
    • Resume - What is the purpose? Which Format? Contract recruiter consultants generally average 6 seconds during their first pass on your resume. What are they looking for? Metrics that demonstrate your expertise in the area they are searching.
    • Interview - Conversation with a purpose for both sides. Develop stories that demonstrate you have the specific skills and experience necessary to be successful in the first year.
    • Offer/Salary Negotiation. Remember to treat a salary negotiation as a business negotiation and not personally.
    • The First Day on the Job - As a Contract Recruiter Consultant, I generally spend at least some portion of my time onsite. It is easy for RecruiterGuy to determine which employees are serious about making positive, measurable impacts and who is just marking time in their position.
    • Positive Mental Attitude - Your Positive Mental Attitude is your most important attribute. No one can take it away but you can give it away by allowing someone else to control your emotions.

An expert Professional Speaker, Bill relates to his audience and happily provides responses to audience questions during his presentations.

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