"Let's Make Salary Negotiations Fun!"

This topic is one of our favorites as a Professional Speaker, Contract Recruiter Consultant, and Award Winning Author. Most people, including hiring managers, hate the salary negotiation process. You may find more information on the salary negotiation process in "RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job" on Amazon or RecruiterGuy Guide.

After all, what is a "fair" salary?

After this presentation, you will be able to handle salary negotiations with confidence.

Discussion Points

    • Happiness - Think of a time when you were the happiest doing whatever you were doing. It does not matter when, who you were working for, what you were doing, etc. When were you happiest? Think of all of the elements that made you happy. Aren't they connected? Now boil them down to the final two base elements. Wouldn't you agree that the two base elements are: 1) Am I making a positive, measurable impact? ; and, 2) Am I having fun doing it? Money takes care of itself. If both elements are there, you will be happy. If either base element is missing, you will not be happy. Be sure to interview with these screens in mind. As a contract recruiter consultant, RecruiterGuy has worked with candidates who were willing to accept less money in order to be happier at work.
    • Two Types of Salary Negotiation
    • When Do Salary Negotiations Informally Begin?
    • When Do Salary Negotiations Formally Begin?
    • How Do I Phrase My Response?
    • How Do I Negotiate a Higher Salary?
    • Positive Mental Attitude

Contract recruiter consultants speak with many unhappy candidates over the course of a year. Generally their compensation is fine. It is important to interview the manager as they interview you to determine if you will be happy working with them.

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