"How to Get the MOST out of a Career Fair"

As a contract recruitment consulting firm, RecruiterGuy has represented many clients at over 100 professional Career Fairs. We have also consulted with clients in the development of their own corporate Career Fairs. He is a Professional Speaker and an Award Winning Author who has spoken at Career Fairs and presented to companies on successfully working a Career Fair. In his recently published book, "RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job", Bill discussed how to effectively work a career fair as a candidate. He included examples of what not to do at a Career Fair. You may order "RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job" at Amazon (where it currently has 9 five star reviews - and is now available on Kindle!) and

This presentation has been given prior to professional Career Fairs in the Midwest and at Rice University in Houston.

Usually it attracts a large crowd, since people are trying to make the most of their few minutes in front of a potential hiring manager.

At Rice University, we had an overflow crowd with some students standing and others sitting on the floor - and most were taking notes.

Discussion Points

    • What to do Before the Fair
    • What to do During  the Fair
    • What you are trying to accomplish at the Booth
    • How to be more successful after the Fair

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