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Welcome to RecruiterGuy.jobs! Typically the jobs that you find posted on these pages will be in Internal Audit, Actuary, IT (including ERP), Software Engineers, Human Resources, Manufacturing (including LEAN/Toyota Production System/Six Sigma), Sales, and CEO's/CFO's with corporate turnaround experience. Bill Humbert is an experienced contract recruiter consultant who works with one company at a time and charges a flat monthly fee. Therefore, we are a contract recruitment consulting firm that works in concert with our client's Human Resource Departments.

As a contract recruitment consulting firm that works with clients in many industries nationwide, RecruiterGuy.jobs open positions may be located anywhere in the country. As you apply for positions, please make note of the locations.

RecruiterGuy typically works on a contract recruitment consulting basis with growing companies who are in need of specific expertise. The people that we seek become full-time employees for our clients. Therefore, the number of openings may vary widely, depending on the consulting contract. Since we are a contract recruitment consulting firm, we introduce candidates to our previous clients for 6 months after the contract ends without charging a fee.

Candidates may click on the "Candidates" button to see other potential resources to help you on your search, including resume writing suggestions. As a result of Bill's contract recruiter consultant experience, he wrote "RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job". This is a humorous step by step guide to finding a job. "RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job" may be purchased on Amazon or www.RecruiterGuyGuide.com for $13.95. This is another differentiator for our contract recruiter consultant practice.

Our goal is to help our clients and our candidates make the best possible match. This is the value we provide as a contract recruiter consultant and the reason so many clients work with us multiple times.


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