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Job Search Links

This page is designed to help you link to either Internet Job Boards or to companies who have current openings. Remember that posting and praying is not as effective as networking your way to a position. However, Internet job boards can inform you of companies who are looking for talent. My book, "RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job" takes you step by step from the beginning of your job search to resume writing (with sample action verbs in the Appendix) to networking and interviewing to your first day on the job. You may purchase "RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job" on Amazon or www.RecruiterGuyGuide.com for $13.95.

This is a good starting point for your search.

Internet posting HINTS for your resume:  

As a contract recruitment consulting firm, one of the tools that we use to identify potential candidates is the Internet Job Boards. These hints are based on our experience. At the bottom of your resume, type the word "Keywords" and then type all key words that apply to all of your experience and the type of job that you seek.  It is important that the words that describe your experience on your resume match the words used in the job description. This practice will help a contract recruiter consultant to find you amongst all of the resumes on the Internet site.

Many candidates are not aware that they need to refresh their resumes on the Internet site. Resumes are submitted to the Job Boards and the same that happens on a recruiter's desk, the later resumes are piled on top of the older resumes. Therefore, you can move yours back to the top by refreshing it. In Monster, there is a tab to "renew" your resume. In "Hotjobs" and "CareerBuilder" and other sites, simply click on "Edit" and then click on "save". This action will, momentarily, make your resume the most recent. Refresh, your resume at least once a week.

Please note. Internet job board searches by candidates should be considered the equivalent of direct mail marketing by firms. Very few positive responses will come of them typically. Networking will be a much more effective way of finding your next position.

At the bottom of the page are links to books that we feel may help you in your job search.


LinkedIn has become a very powerful networking tool. Managers and contract recruiter consultants use this tool daily to find qualified passive candidates. It is good to link with past employers and ask them for references. These references will be displayed on your profile.


This is the site that was Interviewtrak before Monster purchased it.  There are job postings, resume tools, and the ability to post your resume for employers to see.

Rockwell Collins

Rockwell Collins is the premier avionics developer and manufacturer in our nation.  They have some current openings for recent college grads - probably mostly EE's with Software Engineering experience.

Corridor Careers

Corridorcareers.com is the Chamber of Commerce/Gazette site for jobs in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Corridor.

Craigs List

Craigslist.com is a site for searching for jobs and other information in the San Francisco Bay Area - and other cities.  It is well known in the Bay Area.


Monster.com is the largest Internet posting site on the Internet.  They recently purchased Hotjobs.

Society for Human Resource Management

SHRM is one of the sites for new HR professionals.  Post your resume and search jobs.


CareerBuilder is the site that is owned by the Tribune and Knightridder.com.  The site is easy to navigate.  Recently they had over 200 entry level positions posted.


This website is striving to be a comprehensive career site. From a candidate perspective, there are links to different job boards, both locally and national. There are links to career advice columns. Additionally they provide recruiter resources.

CareerXroads 2010 by Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler

CareerXroads 2010 is a must for every job seeker's library. The book is a directory to Job, Resume, and Career Management sites on the web. You may also click on the link above to reach the on-line version.

One unique advantage to the book and the site is the monthly e-mail updates that are free. We have been receiving them for 4 years.

Gerry and Mark research the 500+ sites and provide a short commentary on them. They also select 50 sites as the best and index thousands of additional sites. In addition to this information, articles are provided to help job seekers and recruiters alike in their quests for success. This is a valuable tool for everyone in the recruitment process.

For your convenience, you may purchase this book directly from Amazon.com by clicking on the link at right.

College Job Board

Companies may post positions for specific schools, schools in a specific state or in all colleges.  This site also has valuable financial aid information.



Mainframer.net is a site dedicated to mainframe professionals and recruiters. There are job postings, mainframe news links, and mainframe suggested books.


Just AS400 Jobs

As the name implies, Just AS400 Jobs is a site dedicated to mid-range IT professionals and recruiters. It is a site run by Just Tech Jobs. There are AS400 job postings.


Operation IT

Operation IT is a sophisticated, yet easy to use employment center. It only focuses on jobs in the IT sector.


Nurse Week

Nurse Week is an online journal that covers topics of interest to Nursing Professionals, including education, news, job postings, and career fairs.

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN)

Building on decades of clinical excellence, the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) provides and inspires leadership to establish work and care environments that are respectful, healing and humane. The key to AACN's success is through its members. Therefore, AACN is committed to providing the highest quality resources to maximize nurses' contribution to caring and improving the healthcare of critically ill patients and their families.

This site contains Job Postings for critical care nurses nationwide.

The Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses

The Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses website contains news, events, and job postings. They also provide links to research and topics for quality surgical patient care.

Emergency Nurses Association

Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) is a clearinghouse for information about emergency nursing. We round it all up, sift through it, and focus on the most practical news and techniques. There are job posting capabilities on this site.

American Association of Neuroscience Nurses

"Founded in 1968, the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN) is a national organization of 3,000 registered nurses and other health care professionals dedicated to improving the care of the neuroscience patient and to furthering the interests of health professionals in the neurosciences.

AANN's membership represents nurses and health care professionals working in diverse areas of neuroscience: multispecialty and neuroscience intensive care units; general neuroscience and combination units such as neuro/ortho, neuromuscular/rehabilitation, neuropsychiatry/ neuro-gerontology; rehabilitation units, medical-surgical units, pediatric units, emergency departments, surgery, academia and administration. Associate members may be social workers and other members of the health care team." Their Job Posting page is euphemistically called "Career Advancement Program" ("A rose by any other name...").


"RecruiterGuy's Guide To Finding A Job" on Amazon (where it currently has 9 five star reviews - and is now available on Kindle!)

This is a 145 page book that walks you through the little-known processes that you can personally use to ferret out your dream job...and teach you how to dynamically network yourself to get your foot in the door ahead of the rest of the pack. Comprehensive and useful chapters that take you step by step through the Sales Process known as a Job Search. As a Professional Speaker, Award Winning Author, and expert Contract Recruitment Consultant, Bill is uniquely qualified to address this subject.

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