Interviewing Workshop:
How to Select Impact Performers

This workshop is designed for Hiring Managers.  

It is based on our experience as a contract recruitment consulting firm, Professional Speaker, and an Award Winning Author ; and the books, "Interviewing and Selecting High Performers" by Richard Beatty, "Topgrading" by Bradford Smart,and "The War for Talent" by Ed Michaels, Helen Handfield-Jones, and Beth Axelrod. For your convenience, at the bottom of the page you may click through to to purchase any or all of these books.

This is a four hour workshop where managers role play and learn how to be more effective in their selection of Impact Performers. One of our first exercises is discovering the cost of a poor hire for your company. Then we develop meaningful job descriptions for a couple of your current open positions. We use those job descriptions to practice developing behavioral interviewing questions and how to probe on a candidate's experience. We offer it on Saturdays when managers are away from their phones and other electronic devices.

The cost of this workshop is $5,000 per session with a limit of fifteen participants in each session. We provide the managers reference notebooks to take with them after the workshop.

Discussion Points

    • People are the Most Important Resource
    • Interview Theory, Design, and Purpose
    • Activity - Practice Interview Techniques
    • Design the Interview
    • Activity - Develop a Model for Work, Strategic, and Cultural Analysis - What are your 3, 6, 9, 12 month goals for this position? Once this foundation is in place, the interviewing and selection process is much clearer.
    • Interviewing and Selecting the Candidate - developing applicable behavioral interviewing questions and how to probe on experience. Very importantly as a contract recruiter consultant, we've noticed too many managers focus on the next question in their interview instead of focusing on the candidate and Listening to their response.
    • Effective Reference Checks conducted by the Hiring Managers.

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