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Training, or Career Development, is a valuable way to upgrade your staff's talents. Many companies use career development as a tool for retaining top performers. Generation X and Generation Y candidates look for career development opportunities when searching for their next opportunity.

As a Professional Speaker and an Award Winning Author , Bill speaks at Professional Events on Business, Recruitment and Job Search topics.

A leadership development course, such as the one developed by General Electric or the one developed by Disney, attracts the top talent from the best colleges and universities. This gives them an edge when attracting and retaining talent.

This section will link your company to top trainers in the United States.

Additionally, has discovered that very few managers have been taught to effectively select the best performers. Therefore, while on a contract recruitment consulting assignment, we can provide management training on "Selecting Impact Performers".  If your company is committed to the recruitment of the top 10% of professionals available, you need to use this structured interviewing process to identify them and recruit them. As the author of "RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job" Bill demonstrates an in depth knowledge of the job search process. "RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job" may be purchased on Amazon or at

American Management Association

AMA is one of the leading training organizations in the US.  Many managers have taken at least one of their seminars which range over many topics, including HR, e-Business, M&A, Purchasing Mgmt, Legal, etc. As a contract recruiter consultant, we have taken the legal recruiting course.

Tom Hopkins International, The Builder of Sales Champions

Tom Hopkins' book, "How to Master the Art of Selling", is one of the best books that we have ever read to develop sales people. We continue to review it for our own purposes as a contract recruiter consultant. Tom Hopkins International has training to inspire all members of your sales team.

Bill Humbert

Bill Humbert of is available to conduct 4 hour workshops on "Selecting High Performers" that targets hiring managers. In the workshop we discover the cost of a poor hire. We build off of that discovery to develop a structured behavioral interview. These workshops are available on your site for much less money than your last poor hire. Use the expertise of an experienced contract recruiter consultant.

SmartSearch Best Practices Webinar Series hosted Bill Humbert on January 26, 2012 at 9 AM Pacific presenting "1960’s Recruiting in 2012?” .

Remember the 1960’s? Well, there are two generations of job seekers who don’t.

Fifty years ago, there were four basic ways to fill a job opening. One was to advertise the position and wait for people to apply; today this is known as the “post and pray” method. The two other 1960’s methods were to seek candidates from within the organization for promotion or identify previous applicants to reconsider -- or network with people for a referral to prospective candidates. Not much has changed, except the process has become automated.

In this program, you’ll learn how you can update the tried & true methods from the 60’s to attract top talent -- not repel them from applying to job postings – by treating recruiting as a sales process.

- Use automation to engage passive candidates not turn them off - Simple steps to improve candidate sourcing - How to streamline the process & improve the candidate experience - Reduce candidate “fall off” when they visit your jobs pages - Tips to stretch your recruitment budget. Click on the title link to register. Space limited!


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