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Wait a minute!  Isn't this a contract recruitment consulting site?  Yes, it is.  However, RecruiterGuy.com is a business And we are Connectors!  Our business focus just happens to be Professional Speaking, Talent Acquisition Contract Recruitment Consulting, and an Award Winning Author.  A good talent acquisition contract recruitment consulting firm learns their client's business, understands it, and should refer clients to it.  

Therefore, we are happy to crow about our former clients and provide links to their sites when applicable. We are Connectors!

Vermeer Corporation

Vermeer Corporation is headquartered in Iowa's heart. That is appropriate since it is still family and employee owned.

At Vermeer, they’ve never limited themselves to the task at hand. Like their founder, Gary Vermeer, they strive to do more.

Instead of simply employing the latest technologies, they invent new ones. Instead of simply serving their customers, they anticipate their needs. Instead of simply being a good neighbor, they help make the community an outstanding place to live. They are a responsible employer to their employees.

They call their time-honored values the Vermeer Philosophy.

Acciona Energy North America

ACCIONA’s group of North American companies are subsidiaries of ACCIONA S.A., a company that ranks among the world’s leading sustainability-focused businesses centered around renewable energy, infrastructure and water treatment. We are committed to pioneering and developing a lasting foundation of sustainability in the U.S. and Canada.

ACCIONA is a 100-year-old, multi-billion-dollar global company with more than 40,000 employees. We operate on five continents in 30 countries and have pioneered renewable energy solutions for nearly 20 years. In North America, we are divided into three business divisions that allow for a specific focus: ACCIONA Infrastructures, ACCIONA Agua and ACCIONA Energy.


Shentel is one the original independent telecommunications companies in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Over the years since 1902 they have grown out of the very narrow niche of landline telecommunications in a county in Virginia to a broadband company that still has its local telephone business; and has added mobile and cable to grow its business.

Shentel brings advanced broadband services, digital TV, high-speed Internet and phone services to their clients in Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. They specialize in providing advanced services to rural and underserved markets, because they believe their clients deserve the same level of service that they would expect from a larger metropolitan area.

Trex Company

Trex Company is the country's largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking, railing and fencing products, marketed under the brand name Trex®. The company was formed in 1996 through the buyout of a division of Mobil Corporation and went public in 1999. Trex Company is headquartered in Winchester, Virginia, with manufacturing facilities in Fernley, Nevada and Winchester, Virginia.   

Identico Systems LLC

In these days of security awareness, Identico Systems was one of the innovators.  True ID was sold to grocers nationwide and pushing their payroll check cashing fraud to new lows.  True ID, however, had many  more practical applications, including airport security and building security. Coupled with the RFID capabilities of another former client, Intermec, True ID could provide gate security applications where you want to confirm the identity of the driver of vehicles that you know belong onsite from the RFID chip. Identico Systems was acquired by LexisNexis.


Latitude Communications product/service was MeetingPlace.  MeetingPlace is a voice/data conference product that saves companies thousands of dollars in corporate travel and conferencing expense.  Integrated with Outlook and Lotus Notes, it is easy to use. MeetingPlace is offered both as an enterprise server and as a service. Latitude Communications worked hard to make MeetingPlace as ubiquitous as your telephone. Latitude Communications was purchased by CISCO in 2004.

Rockwell Collins, Inc.

Rockwell Collins designs, develops, manufactures, markets, distributes, sells, services and supports a broad range of aviation electronics and airborne and mobile communications products and systems for commercial and military applications.

McLeodUSA Incorporated

McLeodUSA provides integrated communications services.  It was one of the largest remaining Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC).  Their competition kept Ma Bell honest. McLeodUSA was acquired by Paetech in 2008.


Do you know why our telecommunications systems are among the best in the world? Competition. MCI was a group of the competitive leaders merged into one company. Their innovation forced others to move forward. MCI Telecommunications was acquired by Verizon.

De La Rue

De La Rue was the former owner of LeFebure.  The company is also a leading provider of cash handling equipment and solutions to banks and retailers as well as a range of identity systems to governments worldwide.

Intermec Technologies Corporation

Intermec has the largest, most comprehensive line of integrated data collection products in the industry.  They include RFID, bar code scanners, hand held computers/printers, MobileLAN devices/software. Their RFID products are leaders in product innovation today with potential applications in airline luggage identification, vehicle tire identification, fraud prevention, and security.

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