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The most important resource of every business is your people. Why? People control all of your resources - your capital, technology, equipment, people, and raw materials/intellectual property. People develop your corporate strategy, market and sell your product and/or services, and then tactically perform the work. People are your contact with your clients whether they are selling to them, delivering the product/service, and provide their customer service. If your business is successful in the recruitment, mentoring, and retention of Impact Performers in your key positions, you will be a more successful business.

As a Professional Speaker, expert Talent Acquisition Contract Recruiter Consultant, and an Award Winning Author , Bill is familiar with the needs of managers and employees who follow them.

This section of RecruiterGuy.com is designed for companies’ use. The Client Center Log-in is for current clients to search resumes that are developed during our recruitment consultant contract with them. There are pages with links (updated for 2013) for training, recruiting resources (including background investigation companies, drug testing companies, psychological assessment companies, etc.), and to former clients. Since we partner with Human Resource departments as a talent acquisition contract recruiter consultant in our client companies, we have a strong sense of their outside resource needs. Take advantage of our free webinars like the one below!

SmartSearch Best Practices Webinar Series hosted Bill Humbert presenting "1960’s Recruiting in 2012?”

Remember the 1960’s? Well, there are two generations of job seekers who don’t.

Fifty years ago, there were four basic ways to fill a job opening. One was to advertise the position and wait for people to apply; today this is known as the “post and pray” method. The two other 1960’s methods were to seek candidates from within the organization for promotion or identify previous applicants to reconsider -- or network with people for a referral to prospective candidates. Not much has changed, except the process has become automated.

    • Use automation to engage passive candidates not turn them off
    • Simple steps to improve candidate sourcing
    • How to streamline the process & improve the candidate experience
    • Reduce candidate “fall off” when they visit your jobs pages
    • Tips to stretch your recruitment budget

RecruiterGuy.com uses a combination of technology and the proven methods of direct sourcing to identify, recruit, and deliver Impact Performers for your business. Our Approach to see our methodology as a talent acquisition contract recruitment consulting firm. Bill Humbert is an AIRS trained contract recruiter consultant/recruiter whose professional recruitment experience dates back to 1981.

Former talent acquisition contract recruitment consulting clients have included: Trex Company, Harvest Manor Farms, Shentel, MCI Telecommunications, Telegroup, Latitude Communications, Digital Broadband Communications, Seco Products, Intermec, Identico Systems, Amana Appliances, LeFebure, Rockwell Collins, and Transamerica. Former contingent clients have included: The Washington Post, USF&G Insurance, GEICO Insurance, Riggs National Bank, Comsat Labs, CSX Technology, and several consulting firms.

As a talent acquisition contract recruiter consultant/recruiter, we have the ability to advertise your open positions on our website. Confidential searches will not be posted on this site without your consent.

As a successful contract recruitment consulting firm, RecruiterGuy.com typically focuses on one company at a time.

Why is Focusing on One Company at a Time Important?

    • Since we are a talent acquisition Contract Recruiter Consultant we develop a thorough knowledge of your business that helps sell your company to the best candidates.
    • Better understanding of your Corporate Culture.
    • Better ability to team with your current Human Resource staff.
    • Smaller Client list, therefore very few competitive conflicts.
    • Flat Monthly Talent Acquisition Contract Recruitment Consulting Fee - You may more easily Budget talent acquisition and recruitment process improvement costs.
    • More effective delivering the Impact Performers that will make a difference for your business.
    • More time to spend consulting with you on the importance of social media marketing/sourcing for your company.
    • More time to spend consulting with your Hiring Managers to fine-tune their selection process.
    • More time consulting to help you fine-tune your recruitment processes.

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