RecruiterGuy’s Volunteer Activities

RecruiterGuy Bill Humbert, a contract recruitment consultant, was taught by his parents and teachers at DeMatha High School and Assumption College to give back to his community. The activities since 1994 are listed. However, he has always been involved somewhere contributing to the community. Many of these volunteer activities involve the same kind of strategic thinking required in contract recruitment consulting. His guest editorial suggesting that nonprofits should develop endowments was printed in a September 2009 edition of the Park Record newspaper.

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St. Joseph’s Parish Foundation Board, Marion, IA – Became a member of the Board in August 2007 and stayed active until we moved to Park City, UT. When he became a member of this board, we had approximately $500,000 in our parish endowment with no inclination to place any of our money in the Greater Cedar Rapids Foundation for investment purposes. The Board primarily was focused on gifts from wills. He worked with the board to help them understand that parishioners may want to give to the parish and benefit from the Endow Iowa program. This encourages giving by working members of the parish. In December we began an endowment with the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation. Currently it is $5000 but we expect to be at $10,000 by the end of 2009. This benefits Iowans on both the giving and the receiving sides.

Linn-Mar School Foundation Board, Marion, IA – When RecruiterGuy started on the Linn Mar School Foundation Board, we had $100,000 that we called an “endowment”. However in his first meeting on the Board, he saw that we did not protect the endowment principal. We were voting to spend pieces of it for the “Make It Happen Campaign” and other school necessities. Spending the interest only would have given us $5000 for the school district. Over the next six years he worked with other members of the Board to protect the endowment principal. In his last year on the Board we transferred $165,000 to the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation for investment and protection. Currently the new Board has raised enough money for the endowment to grow to $750,000 and is in the midst of a capital campaign to raise the total to $1.5 million for the Linn Mar Schools’ endowment. So we protected the money long enough that this year it will give Linn Mar School District a check for around $35,000 for one year. Once the fund reaches $1.5 million, it will give the Linn Mar School District in excess of $70,000 per year. This is another example of the strategic thinking required to be a contract recruitment consultant.

Liberty Elementary Community School Partnership Endowment Fund, Libertytown, MD - Founded by Liberty Elementary PTA for reading and media materials in 1994 – another couple and RecruiterGuy were the cofounders. The endowment is held by The Community Foundation of Frederick County. This was the first endowment for a public elementary school in Frederick County, MD. When we began fund raising, the Principal told us that the school library was about 60% of state standard. She said it would take approximately $4000 to bring the library to state standard. We began a fund raising program that raised $6000 among the businesses near the rural town of Libertytown, MD; and another $6000 for the endowment to continually give to the library and media center. Several years ago, the endowment stood at over $32,000 and gave $1500 annually to the library and media center. Last year the endowment paid the Liberty Elementary Library and Media Center $2351.77.

As a contract recruitment consultant, RecruiterGuy is conscious of the value of working within recruitment budgets. The work on these endowments demonstrate his strategic view while working tactically.

Professional Associations

Iowa Senior Human Resource Association – President 2009 – As a Human Resource contract recruitment consultant, RecruiterGuy was recognized as a leader in this organization. In 2008, he set up presentations to senior Human Resource leadership on “How to Respond when the Media wants an Explanation on a Crisis at Your Company”, “Iowa Workforce Development Initiatives”, “The Importance of a Corporate Intellectual Properties Policy”, and a panel discussion on “Disaster Recovery Plans and the Flood – What Worked, What Did Not Work, and What Will You Do Differently?”

Priority One/ICAD HR Advisory Network 1996 to Present – Member of this advisory committee almost since its inception. Advised The Cedar Rapids Gazette on features they needed to include when they developed “Corridor Careers” and have provided input when they improved the site. Also give input to the economic development groups on HR issues. RecruiterGuy has spoken at nearly every Corridor Career Fair since they began. The two topics they asked him to present are “Getting the Most Out of the Corridor Career Fair” and “Secrets of a Successful Job Search”. Most of the people that he presented to were out of work on unemployment. Many times people thanked him after the presentation saying the hints got helped them find a job and get off Iowa Unemployment. This activity demonstrates the additional value that a successful contract recruitment consultant may bring to a community.

College Presentations 1995 to Present – Presented on numerous college campuses on “Getting the Most Out of the (local) Career Fair” and “Secrets of a Successful Job Search” either at our clients’ expense or our expense. The schools include Mt. Mercy College, Coe College, Cornell College, Rice University (twice), Assumption College (twice), UC – Berkeley, UCLA, and Brown University.

Youth Coaching

Marion Salvation Army 7/8th grade Girls Basketball – The players that RecruiterGuy first started coaching as 7th graders graduated last May. Three girls that he coached were on the first Marion girls’ varsity team that went to state in over 30 years. His goal was to teach the players basketball; and the importance of committing to team goals as well as their own goals. His second goal was to have a woman who played basketball as his assistant and hopefully train her to be a head coach. This year he promoted his assistant coach of the past three years to head coach and he became her assistant. This way we will have women with basketball experience coaching the girls in the future instead of dads.

LAYAA, Frederick County, MD – For 9 years was the head girls’ soccer coach as his daughters grew in their system – ended up coaching the 7th and 8th grade teams. Recruiteruy also coached girls’ basketball as an assistant coach. One of the girls that he coached in basketball started all 4 years at Iowa, setting records in the process and was drafted into the WNBA. She is now an assistant coach at Marquette University.

Education Volunteering

Workplace Learning Connection Advisory Board – 2003 to Present – The Workplace Learning Connection is a Kirkwood Community College program that is funded mostly by the counties they support. It is a model program for programs around Iowa and the United States. The goal is to expose Junior High and High School students to the work world by giving them workshops, shadowing opportunities, and internships. Some of the students have now graduated from college and are now working in areas where they either interned or shadowed; and credit the Workplace Learn Connection program for their selection of career. The other advantage is that students can learn early on that a particular career may not fit with their plans. The Advisory Board meets roughly once a quarter, listens to the successes and the challenges of the staff, and suggests different ways of approaching and tackling those challenges. The staff occasionally approaches members of the Advisory Board to participate in classroom presentations. RecruiterGuy presented in Springville a couple of times and in Linn-Mar and Marion.

Linn Mar/Marion High School Transition Night – Many timesRecruiterGuy presented to the students and their parents on “What Qualities Companies are Looking for in Their Employees.” Many parents came up to him after the presentation and thanked him.

Linn Mar Schools Strategic Planning 1999 – 2001 – One of the initiatives that RecruiterGuy proposed was K – 12 foreign language in our public schools. If we provided our students with this type of training, Iowa would be much more popular among diverse groups. This would lead to a larger population in Iowa, followed by more US Congressional seats which leads to a greater share of US Federal funding. Another example of the type of strategic thinking by an experienced contract recruiter consultant.

Speaking to Third Graders on “The Importance of Reading” 1993 to 1998 –Volunteered in local elementary schools by presenting all of the reasons that 3rd graders should want to read. It was a presentation that was fun and included different types of motivations to read at that level – like learning to run faster in a “Sports Illustrated for Kids” issue.

Community Volunteerism

15 in 5 – idea 12 – Solid Waste – Chair of the Committee for 2 years – Developed subcommittees to look at alternative ways to dispose of Solid Waste in a clean fashion. One of those ways was demonstrated on Jan. 21 at Bluestem Site #1 – plasma torch. The WastenotIowa group came out of this 15 in 5 idea. http://www.gazetteonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20090122/NEWS/701229927/1002/NEWS

15 in 5 – idea 6 – Increase Downtown Housing – Member of this 15 in 5 group to increase downtown housing in Cedar Rapids. One of the important ways to create a vibrant downtown is to have people there 24/7. We invited developers from the Midwest to our downtown housing forum two years ago. Last year our idea was brought into the Downtown District to provide sustainability and became the mixed use development committee. Just like everyone else, our efforts were set back by the flooding of June 2008. However we are now beginning to gain some traction again. A vibrant downtown is key to attracting companies, jobs, and additional tax revenues to Cedar Rapids and Iowa. As a contract recruiter consultant, RecruiterGuy is in the front lines of knowing what people look for in a new area.

Imagine8 Marion – Community Outreach Volunteer – Spring 2009 – This is a Marion Chamber initiative to develop a grass roots community effort to make Marion one of Iowa’s Great Places and as a result receive community funding. We held brainstorming sessions to develop ideas. A selection committee was selected from the community and 8 ideas were selected to work towards. RecruiterGuy held a brainstorming session with his team and their parents on January 18 between games at our tournament in Marshalltown. We developed 27 ideas during that brainstorming session, including ice skating in Marion Square Park in the winter.

These are some of the formal activities that RecruiterGuy has actively participated. When available, he and his wife volunteer for other activities such as the Marion Arts Festival and The Park City Foundation.

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