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As a contract recruitment consulting firm, RecruiterGuy understands the importance of supporting key activities in the community. He has contributed to all of the endowment boards that he joined. Additionally Humbert Group LLC bought advertising in programs to support organizations important to our community. The following organizations are important to the community if it wants to attract new members to its community – and that is the contract recruiter consultant tie in.

Park City Career Network LinkedIn Group

One of the ways that is giving back to the Park City, UT community as one of 3 volunteer organizers of the Park City Career Network. As of July 30, 2012 we have 317 members in our Park City Career Network LinkedIn Group. Since late August 2009, at least 77 members have found new jobs; and 13 members have started small businesses. Getting people back to work in their skill areas and areas of interest is our focus. As a contract recruitment consultant, Recruiterguy can coach our members on getting the attention of the hiring manager and how to effectively interview. Our other organizers are Anne Gardner (Founder) and Partner in AJL Renewal Partners LLC (moved to LA for a job in 2011), Ellen Silver of Jewish Family Services (who provides emotional support for our members), and Pat Mencimer, formerly an outplacement professional with over 20 years experience counseling people out of work.

As a result of his experience in contract recruitment consulting, Bill has written a book on successful job searches - "RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job" that may be purchased on Amazon or RecruiterGuy Guide or at Barnes and Noble stores nationwide.

As a contract recruiter consultant, Bill wanted to demonstrate the requirement for focus in the success of the program or sport. Then carry that focus theme to the need for focus in order to be successful in the recruitment of Impact Performers.

These ads do a nice job tying the two themes together. JW Morton and Associates of Cedar Rapids, IA took RecruiterGuy‘s ideas and developed the creative. Thank you!

Orchestra Iowa

Recently the Cedar Rapids Symphony changed its name to Orchestra Iowa. It has been continuously supported by the community since 1927. Obviously the symphony is a valued member of the Cedar Rapids community, providing outstanding programs and educational programs to the community. I remember one Christmas show that featured songs from Mannheim Steamroller. Their renditions sounded better than our CD’s.

Theater Cedar Rapids

Theater Cedar Rapids provided our family with many memorable performances while we were living in the Cedar Rapids area. We particularly enjoyed their Christmas shows and musicals. Theater and all of the arts are important to members of every community to round out their life experience. Theater Cedar Rapids also has an educational program for students to successfully expose them to the benefits of participating in theater. Iowa has sent many actors and actresses to Hollywood and Broadway, including John Wayne,Ron Livingston, and Ashton Kutcher - and for you Star Trek fans, Captain Kirk will be born in Iowa.

Cedar Rapids Kernels

The Cedar Rapids Kernels are currently in the Angels farm system. Advertising in the Kernels program was a natural because practice and focus in sports is understood and accepted. In order to succeed at the highest level, players have to focus and hone their skills.


Cedar Rapids Symphony

Theater Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids Kernels

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