Bill Humbert of, an expert contract recruiter consultant, Professional Speaker, and author of "RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job" that may be purchased on Amazon (where it currently has 9 five star reviews) or at Barnes & Nobles stores nationwide is a Washington, DC native. He has been a professional recruiter/contract recruiter consultant since 1981. He brings his recruitment consulting skills to each contract, recommending different sourcing tools including social media and mobile recruiting when clients will benefit. You may read his recruitment related articles that are published Recruiting Trends. His article, Do You Confuse “Sourcing” With “Recruiting?” was selected as one of LinkedIn’s “News You Should Know”.

He has been a professional speaker since 1995 when he began speaking publicly at career fairs around the United States. While getting that experience over the past 16 years, he has been under the radar of speaker bureaus and conferences. Now he is an Award Winning Author and is prepared to tour the country as an experienced “new face” with many years of professional speaking experience. His topics range from general business topics to those topics based on his 30+ years of expert recruitment experience.

In 1981, MCI Telecommunications was his first contingent recruiting client. Over the years other former clients have included The Washington Post, Comsat Labs, USF&G Insurance, Geico Insurance, CSX Technology, Telegroup, LeFebure, Intermec Technologies, Digital Broadband Communications, Latitude Communications in Santa Clara, CA, Identico Systems in Nashua, NH, Transamerica, Trex Company, Harvest Manor Farms, Acciona Energy North America, and Shentel. Since 1990, with the exception of 1.5 years as the Recruiting Manager for McLeodUSA in Cedar Rapids, IA, he has had his own contract recruitment consulting business -, with clients on each coast and in the Midwest. The model of this contract recruitment consulting business enables Bill to partner with his clients to improve their recruitment processes, candidate sourcing tools including social media, optimize recruitment websites, recruitment marketing and branding, and improve candidate selection to identify and deliver the best candidates available.

Bill Humbert is an AIRS trained expert contract recruiter consultant whose professional recruitment experience dates back to 1981. He has read over 400,000 resumes, interviewed over 13,000 candidates over the phone or in person, and has worked with over 3000 hiring managers. In the past 15 years, he has helped companies hire over 1300 new employees nationwide from C-level to college recruit.

Since January 2012, he has demonstrated his professional speaking skills in webinars and personal appearances, including twice at the University of Utah – “Recruitment 101” for the student SHRM group and “The Secrets of a Successful Job Search” workshop for Career Services Job Club. In 2011, RecruiterGuy presented “Dynamics of Your Job Search” at a presentation hosted by Iowa City Area Development , Mount Mercy University , Assumption College in Worcester, MA, The Saint Joseph’s College of Maine in Standish, ME, and The University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communications in Iowa City, IA. At the request of Iowa Works in Cedar Rapids, Bill presented “Turn Hourly Positions into Great Opportunities” on May 12, 2011. He has presented "Secrets of a Successful Job Search" at Career Fairs in Dallas, Houston, Denver, Ft. Collins, Chicago, Milwaukee, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Des Moines, Quad Cities, Omaha, Kansas City, and St. Louis. He has Presented "Getting the Most out of a Career Fair" in Houston, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and several of the above mentioned cities. As a contract recruitment consulting professional, he presented his first webinar on "The Best Qualified Candidate Rarely Gets Hired" in conjunction with SmartSearch on Jan. 28, 2010. He will present “1960s Recruiting in 2012” in conjunction with SmartSearch on January 26, 2012

Bill's first book was picked up by Corridor Media Group. Based on his expert contract recruiter consultant experience since 1981, he wrote "RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job", released in November 2010. The guide is designed to take a jobseeker from the beginning of their job search through the successful completion of their search. Included in the book are true stories to illustrate points, some are fairly humorous. "RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job" is available at select independent book stores, on Amazon, and at RecruiterGuy Guide

He is


  • MCI Telecommunications (acquired by Verizon), Pentagon City, VA/Cedar Rapids, Iowa Contract Recruiter Consultant - total contract length - 30 months, renewed many times. Impact - Developed and implemented a recruitment strategy that saved MCI approximately $2.4 million by recruiting almost 300 IT professionals in 30 months without paying a recruitment fee. Approximately 200 of those positions were filled at a remote location (Cedar Rapids, IA) where we needed to recruit a minimum of 120 IT professionals Senior Manager (3) to College Recruit (9) in the first 12 months. We were successful with 143 IT professionals of all levels in Cedar Rapids in the first 12 months. My strategy was to take 3 to 4 managers and a technical professional on two week recruitment trips nationwide every month. We visited 2 to 3 cities per week and interviewed 18 to 24 candidates per day – and made hiring decisions every evening. Worked closely with MCI and recruitment advertising firm to develop effective advertising creative to attract candidates prior to the Internet as an effective sourcing tool. We tweaked the marketing program as needed. Project completed very successfully.
  • Rockwell Collins - Cedar Rapids, IA - Contract Recruiter Consultant - 3.5 month contract. Recruited engineers at Career Fairs across the United States. Impacts - wrote a proposal suggesting a reorganization of recruitment while recruiting for the company. Recruited IT professional for staff. Project completed.
  • LeFebure, Cedar Rapids, IA/Nationwide offices/plants - Contract Recruiter Consultant - 11 months, renewed several times. Impact - Developed recruitment strategy. Filled over 300 positions nationwide in 11 months, including two Vice President level positions. Improved recruitment processes. Improved recruitment marketing. Project completed.
  • Telegroup, Fairfield, IA (acquired by Primus Telecommunications) - Contract Recruiter Consultant - 11 months, renewed several times. Impact - Developed recruitment strategy. Recruited 60 IT professionals at a $600 cost per hire over 8 months. Project completed.
  • Amana Appliances, Middle Amana, IA - Contract Recruiter Consultant - one month, company sold. Recruited 2 viable Vice Presidents of Marketing and several refrigeration engineers. Project canceled as a result of the sale of the company.
  • Intermec Technologies, Cedar Rapids, IA - Contract Recruiter Consultant - 5 months, renewed once. Impact - recruited HR Director, Web Architect, Manufacturing Engineer, Hardware Engineer among others. Improved recruiting processes including the requisition opening process. Project completed
  • Latitude Communications (acquired by Cisco), Santa Clara, CA - Contract Recruiter Consultant - 7.5 months, renewed several times. Impact - set up successful college recruitment program for software engineers. Set up the college intern program, including living accommodations in expensive Silicon Valley. Invited to speak to seniors at Rice University prior to a career fair. Also spoke at Brown University, UCLA, and University of California - Berkeley. Successfully recruited top software engineer candidates from each of those Universities.
  • Trex Company, Winchester, VA - Contract Recruiter Consultant - 4.5 months, renewed once (2 separate contracts since 2004). Impacts - Recruited a bilingual Director of Spanish Operations, Purchasing Manager, ERP (JD Edwards) Manager, Network Manager, Network Engineer, JD Edwards Developer, Big Box Account Sales Coordinator, Chief Process Engineer, Human Resource Administrator for Winchester, VA plant, nationwide Sales Force for the new Fencing division in Dallas, Denver, Baltimore, LA, Chicago, and Tampa. Demonstrated new candidate sourcing methods including offshore sourcing. Presented sourcing options to HR staff.
  • Harvest Manor Farms LLC, Cedar Rapids, IA - Contract Recruiter Consultant - most recently 4 months, renewed once (5 separate contracts since 2003). Impact - Recruited a bilingual Plant HR Manager (El Paso, TX), Bilingual Director of Manufacturing Technology (El Paso, TX), Bilingual Plant Controller (El Paso, TX), CIO (Cedar Rapids, IA), CIO and Manager of Financial Planning and Budgeting (Cedar Rapids), Recruited VP Sales in 2008. Recruited Sales professionals in Bentonville, Arkansas and the Midwest. Created pool of CEO’s and CFO’s with financial restructuring/corporate turnaround experience. Worked with Texas Workforce Development to create a program with Harvest Manor Farms. Interviewed 10 personality assessment firms and recommended JD Hezel to provide service to client. Provided HR consulting services.
  • Transamerica, a member of the AEGON Insurance Group, Cedar Rapids, IA - Contract Recruiter Consultant - 11.5 months, renewed several times (as of 2011, four separate contracts). Impact - Recruited a VP of Internal Audit in Toronto, an Assistant Director of Infrastructure Audit in Cedar Rapids, and 17 Senior/Lead Internal Auditors in LA, Cedar Rapids, St. Petersburg, Baltimore, and Toronto. Introduced Brad Smart's "Topgrading" concept to the organization. Fine-tuned Managers' interviewing skills. Demonstrated the value of online collaboration with Latitude Communications' MeetingPlace (now a Cisco product). Interviewed staff in LA and Kansas City and for different reasons advised closing those Internal Audit offices. Provided new sourcing tools.

Pre-IPO Contracts/Employment

Pre-IPO start-ups present interesting recruiting challenges, especially in these economic days. However, those challenges are what make recruitment consulting for start-ups interesting. The first hires of any start-up set the tone for hiring in the future. Therefore it is very important to bring an experienced expert contract recruiter consultant to set up the recruitment process and provide interview training to existing staff. "Building An Effective Job Description" is the most important tool in the sourcing and selection processes because the skills and experience required to be successful become crystal clear. Professional speaker skills are important to clearly communicate with executives, managers and staff.

  • McLeodUSA (acquired by Paetec) - HR/Recruiting Manager for 1.5 years until IPO. Impacts - Developed recruitment strategies and processes. Utilized Visio to document them. Developed recruitment marketing program and introduced McLeodUSA as a member to the Online Career Center (OCC was the predecessor to in 1994. Set up recruitment processes, then worked with a Lotus Notes developer to automate them with Lotus Notes shareware. Recruited over 200 employees in first year.
  • Digital Broadband Communications, Waltham, MA - Contract Recruiter Consultant - 2 months, Impact - there were 10 employees when we started and recruited 16 employees in 2 months. Developed recruitment strategy and recruitment marketing. Helped develop company logo. Project completed.
  • Identico Systems (became Image Data and now is owned by Lexis Nexis) - Contract Recruiter Consultant - 4 months, renewed once. This was a mature start-up in the security technology space. Their technology could have been effective in slowing Identity Theft had the company survived. Impact - Recruited regional sales force and saved Identico Systems $105,000 by not paying a recruiting fee. Developed recruitment strategy. Worked with executive staff to encourage founding CEO to step down after lead investor lost confidence in him and threatened to pull funding. Project completed.

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