RecruiterGuy Approach to Talent Acquisition and Contract Recruitment Consulting

The RecruiterGuy Approach to talent acquisition Contract Recruitment Consulting consists of seven steps. The process is designed to develop a customized approach to meet your recruitment needs. It is necessary to understand that Recruitment is Sales. The following article in Recruiting Trends magazine illustrates this point - "Attracting Passive Candidates?"

As you will see below, the RecruiterGuy recruitment process mirrors the sales process. Do the professionals who are responsible for recruitment in your organization view themselves as sales consultants?

TALENT ACQUISITION CONTRACT RECRUITER CONSULTANT ORIENTATION/NEEDS ANALYSIS - We learn about your culture and your goals. During this process, we develop an understanding of your business and why it is unique. We interview hiring managers to better understand their needs and ability to effectively recruit Impact Performers. These sessions enable us to develop an assessment (skills and chemistry) of the positions that need to be filled. We also meet with your staff that are either peers or who will report to this new position. Our consulting process enables everyone to achieve a 3D view of the skills and chemistry required to make this a successful match. While creating the job description, it is important to learn from the assessment. This article from Recruiting Trends will help you Build An Effective Job Description to develop the assessment. The practice also enables us to consult with you regarding the relative strengths of your team.

The process requires meeting with your Human Resource professionals to understand your recruitment processes in place and to understand what methods of recruitment are being used. Of those methods, which ones are most successful in attracting the right people? Then we consult with both your managers and your HR professionals to develop a recruitment strategy to find and deliver the highest performers available.

Working with your Human Resource processes enables us to learn both the strengths and the weaknesses of your recruitment processes. This knowledge will enable us to suggest ways to tweak, or if necessary, to help you redesign your processes.

RECRUITMENT STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT – Many companies miss this step. They simply throw resources at talent acquisition without developing a plan. consulting takes the information developed during our initial consultation and helps you massage your recruitment requirements into a talent acquisition recruitment strategy. The talent acquisition strategy incorporates budget, recruitment requirements (open and budgeted open requisitions), recruitment marketing and sourcing, candidate selection (interviewing process), background investigations/drug tests/reference checks, offer process, the on boarding process and retention. This talent acquisition thought leadership article says it all - Every Company Has a Recruiting Strategy (Some Just Don’t Know It) .

RECRUITMENT MARKETING - How does your business "brand" itself as an employer? Many companies understand the value of marketing their products and/or services but don't understand the nature of recruitment marketing. consulting understands recruitment marketing - what attracts candidates and what may not. We have used many different tools and understand the value of moving quickly with new recruitment creative when the opportunity presents itself. has an alliance with a recruitment advertising firm to help you select the most effective, cost conscious approach or we can work with a firm of your choice. It is as important for candidates to decide that you are not for them as it is for them to want to work for you. Why spend money and time interviewing candidates who are not a fit for your organization?

Do you have a corporate website? Does your website incorporate your Employment Brand? How many clicks does it take for a candidate to get to the jobs on your corporate website? Do you have a .jobs Top Level Domain (TLD)? Studies have demonstrated that you lose one half of the candidates every time they need to make another click to find your job postings. Do you have an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? Can you post your positions to your website from your Applicant Tracking System? has its own Applicant Tracking System, SmartSearch that enables us to help you track candidates. It also gives experience working with an ATS vendor in case you are in the process of selecting an ATS vendor.

Have you committed to using social media as a way to source candidates by engaging them? Does your company have one or two people committed to constant updates to your social media? Candidates expect new content daily or weekly. There are many social media recruiting outlets and those outlets move in and out of favor, especially as new outlets are introduced. As a seasoned contract recruiter consultant, we will help you develop a social media program that fits your needs.

One of the primary reasons we consult with you is to ensure that you will be more effective attracting Impact Performers after our talent acquisition contract recruitment consulting contract is over.

SOURCING - Many times companies do not understand the importance of an effective job description in their sourcing process. This talent acquisition thought leadership article helps clients understand the importance of an effective job description. Let’s Go Find The Wrong Person It is amazing how often effective job descriptions are resisted by company staff. When your recruiter understands what skills and experience are necessary to be successful in the first year, sourcing becomes more targeted. Whether sourcing is via cold calling, confidential referrals, associations, the Internet (AIRS,, CareerBuilder, Dice, local job boards, etc.), your corporate website, or Career Fairs, employs all methods effectively. As a well-known talent acquisition contract recruitment consultant, we are contacted often by new companies offering their sourcing solutions. This exposure to new sourcing solutions provides us the opportunity to try new solutions before and during our consulting contract with you. Additionally, as a talent acquisition contract recruitment consulting firm, we have been exposed to many different Internet databases and may be able to save your firm thousands of dollars by tweaking your talent acquisition strategies. By calling your competitors, we become more effective at learning your marketplace and providing you with sound advice.

Does your company use college recruiting as part of your recruitment strategy? It should. This is your best opportunity to hire the best and the brightest while you can still afford them. Bill Humbert of has been asked to speak at many colleges over the years, including Rice University, UCLA, Brown University, and The University of Iowa. We help you decide which colleges are the best to meet your talent acquisition needs and train you to be more effective recruiting their students.

We train your corporate recruiters to be more creative and effective in the sourcing process. Generally your corporate recruiters have been overwhelmed for a while before we are called to consult with you. Many corporate recruiters are effective but given their workload don’t have the opportunity to update their skills. As a talent acquisition Contract Recruiter Consultant, we can provide them with fresh ideas from our experience with many companies in many industries.

As a Talent Acquisition Contract Recruitment Consultant, trains your staff, including hiring managers, to be more effective in the recruitment sourcing process.

SELECTION - Interviewing Process. strives to train you to recruit Impact Performers. Therefore, at times we need to help your managers fine-tune their selection process. Many managers have never been taught how to select the best candidate. Therefore, they ask some "interviewing questions" and trust their gut for their selection. We did a webinar on The Best Qualified Candidate Rarely Gets the Job. Why not? Most hiring managers have never been trained how to interview. If they haven’t been trained how to interview, they certainly haven’t been trained how to select Impact Performers. We offer them suggestions to fine-tune their interviewing skills with a combination of behavioral and probing questions that are legal.

A well-developed job description is the foundation to a great interview. If your job descriptions include the 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month goals, the skills and experience required to be successful in the first year become crystal clear. Develop interview questions that probe whether candidates have the skill or experience to be successful accomplishing those goals. As an experienced talent acquisition contract recruiter consultant, we train hiring managers to truly listen to the candidate’s response to a question instead of looking at the next question. The best probing questions are asked when a candidate’s response just doesn’t seem to square with their other responses. Once managers embrace our methods, they will be more successful in the identification and retention of top players and weeding out less skilled workers. They will also understand the importance of "selling" candidates without over committing.

During our talent acquisition contract recruitment consulting contract, we offer a four hour formal interactive session for your hiring managers. Companies who have taken advantage of this training see improvement in the quality of their hires and the retention of those employees. One of the first exercises of this session is to determine the potential cost of a wrongful hire. Generally that exercise grabs everyone’s attention.

How many of your managers participate in reference checks? This is the final due diligence that may help you determine the potential for success of the candidate. Since the hiring manager knows the most about the position, shouldn’t they ask about the candidate’s success in previous positions? One of the hiring managers that I worked with conducted three reference checks on a candidate. Honestly, she felt that they were not going to be worth her time. She called me after each of the first two references and told me that she had gotten the reference that she expected. She called me after the third reference. She told me that she was finishing her conversation with the former manager of the candidate. While she was thanking him for his time, another question popped into her head. His response to that question made her decide not to hire the candidate. Reference checks are that important. We can train your managers on how to be more effective with reference checks.

Drawing on our experience as a talent acquisition contract recruiter consultant, we can train your team to be more effective in this very important area of candidate due diligence.

SALES - OFFER PROCESS - The sales process begins when we begin our talent acquisition contract recruitment consulting. Together, we look at your recruitment marketing, we look at what others are saying about your company (good or bad), and we decide how to approach each facet of the process. Through the interviewing process, we want everyone to WANT to work with your company. Working as a team, we will select the professionals and sell them on the advantages of working at your company. The offer process is the close of the sales process. helps your managers through the process including the potential for a counter-offer or help them change an initial decline to an acceptance. This article published by Recruiting Trends may help you Counter the Counter Offer. If you prefer, we may extend the offers for you in order to mediate the compensation/benefit/start date negotiations.

This training is very valuable to your team. We teach that listening not only to what the candidate is saying but listening to the tenor of their voice can help you overcome objections. Generally once a candidate has gone this far in the interviewing process, they are interested in the company and in an offer.

ON BOARDING PROCESS/RETENTION – Many companies believe that the talent acquisition effort is over on the day the candidate accepts the offer. Many of those companies also have a problem with retention. Interesting. Do you believe those two events are connected? How much money is poor retention costing you? Remember, the constant replacement of employees costs your company money. As a talent acquisition contract recruitment consultant we emphasize the importance of the offer acceptance to job start transition.

We work with your staff to improve the first day experience for your new employee. What do they say about first impressions? What is the first impression of your new employees? I once went to work at a company who knew that I was coming for 2 months prior to my start date. When I arrived, I did not have a computer. The next day, I brought in my laptop and used it for three weeks until my corporate computer arrived. Never allow that to happen to one of your employees!

How well do your managers communicate with your staff? During their one on ones do they follow up on earlier conversations, or do they just ask, “How’s it going?” We work with your hiring managers to help them become more effective managers by using the goals from the job description. We train them to ask the new employee how they are doing towards accomplishing their goals.

Using the RecruiterGuy Talent Acquisition approach, we train you to deliver the best candidates available to your company. It is the advantage of working with an experienced contract recruitment consulting firm.

Bill Humbert is now a published author of "RecruiterGuy's Guide to Finding a Job". This further demonstrates his knowledge of the recruitment process.

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