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Bill Humbert, RecruiterGuy - nationally recognized as a Professional Speaker, an expert Talent Acquisition Contract Recruiter Consultant/Recruiter with experience in many industries, and an Award Winning Author, has several important announcements.

Currently on contract with Acciona Windpower, a strong player in the Erection & Commissioning of wind towers followed by the operations and maintenance of Wind Farms. Excited that we have filled positions ranging from warehouse workers to O & M Manager for this outstanding company. Go to for a list of current openings and to apply.

Additionally "RecruiterGuy’s Guide To Finding A Job 2nd Edition" is Now available on Kindle at a new low price of $2.99!! You may download a free Kindle Reader for your PC, Mobile Device, or Pad at Amazon. Most job search books were written by writers (That makes sense!). With over 26 million Americans unemployed or underemployed, would you prefer to go to an expert that works with hiring managers everyday – or a writer?

More exciting book news! Lisa Hagan, Literary Agent,, is now representing Bill and his book!

Successful High Volume Contract Recruitment Experience

High volume Talent Acquisition experience differs with each project. Bill has several high volume talent acquisition contract recruiter consultant projects. While some people tend to look at the aggregate, Bill breaks down the project into the smallest pieces and methodically creates a strategy for success. Many searches may be run in tandem. If the high volume recruiting need contains cookie cutter positions, a different strategy is created than when recruiters are recruiting a high volume of one off specialists. Below are 3 examples.

MCI contract - Initially began as a high volume project recruiting IT professionals in Pentagon City, VA. Supported 4 IT organizations - 3 were residential billing (supporting "Friends & Family" and "1800Collect") and 1 was commercial billing (for large corporations). In 6 months recruited 100 IT professionals. Then was tasked to develop and implement (And project manage) a recruiting strategy to help MCI transition commercial billing to Cedar Rapids, IA. Obviously the DC area had many IBM mainframe shops to draw from to attract candidates. Cedar Rapids had 3 IBM mainframe shops - and one was MCI. The project was further complicated because during the year while recruiting a minimum of 120 IT professionals to Cedar Rapids (only 10 moved from DC), commercial billing had two major releases scheduled that we needed to work around. To make a long story short, at the end of the year we had 143 IT professionals in Cedar Rapids; and nearly 200 IT professionals at the end of 22 months (most required relocation). While recruiting in volume, we also recruited and performed due diligence and closed one candidate at a time.

McLeodUSA - At this point, McLeodUSA was a pre-IPO startup. Bill was the Talent Acquisition Manager with one direct report. In 1 1/2 years recruited 200 employees in B2B sales, call center, and corporate positions. Proud that his documentation enabled his one direct report to earn corporate recognition 3 of 4 quarters (she was on maternity leave the only quarter she did not earn recognition).

LeFebure contract - This was Bill's first Talent Acquisition Contract Recruitment consultant project in manufacturing. All of LeFebure's recruitment was outsourced to Bill. In 11 months working together as a team with hiring managers, we filled 300 positions in corporate headquarters, 2 manufacturing plants, and 30 business offices around the US. Improved the recruiting process to enable this success. We still filled one position at a time - just worked together to make it happen.

Talent Acquisition is our passion!

The detective work required in sourcing the best candidates, the expertise required to determine the candidate who is the best fit, and the sales ability to close and deliver the best candidate all get the positive adrenalin flowing. As a result Bill writes and speaks about Talent Acquisition with his own unique and creative view. "Bill Humbert’s Talent Acquisition Thought Leadership"

Since Talent Acquisition contract recruitment consulting is a passion, Bill is now offering Corporate/Company talent acquisition process improvement consulting on an hourly, weekly, monthly rate. You may reach him at to discuss.

Talent Acquisition Thought Leadership in the Media

Interviewed LIVE by Vinnie Politan on CNN’s Headline News show Making it in America on Jan. 4, 2013. We discussed 3 important resume writing tips.

Quoted in a column by Alina Tugend in the New York Times on salary negotiation.

Recruiting Trends arguably one of the top publishers of Talent Acquisition Thought Leadership published and featured many of the RecruiterGuy Talent Acquisition Thought Leadership articles: New Jobs! New Candidate Experience? , “Every Company Has a Recruiting Strategy (Some Just Don’t Know it)", Let’s Go Find The Wrong Person", "Attracting Passive Candidates?" , "Countering the Counter Offer” and "Building an Effective Job Description", "The Offer Acceptance To Job Start Transition" , "Recruiting Out Of State Candidates Successfully" , "What Makes Employees Happy?", "1960’s Recruiting in 2011", “Post and Prey Recruitment", “Embrace Social Media Recruiting?", “Recruitment Sourcing Magic: Proper Attitude", “Recruitment Sourcing Magic: What’s in a Title?" and “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Recruiting". published Do You Confuse “Sourcing” With “Recruiting?” that was picked up by LinkedIn as "News You Should Know." AOL published "You’re Only Six Steps Away From Reaching Your Goal" and "When Will I Find My Next Job?"

As a nationally based Expert Contract Recruitment Consultant and Professional Speaker, Bill is a monthly regular on PCTV Mountain Morning Show discussing both the candidate and the corporate side of recruitment. Joe and Bill discuss behavioral interviewing and importance of Manager Interview training on the Mountain Morning Show on Park City TV, Joe and Bill discuss salary negotiation and Counter Offers on the Mountain Morning Show on Park City TV, Chelsea and Bill discuss the benefits of volunteering when unemployed on the Mountain Morning Show on Park City TV, Chelsea and RecruiterGuy discuss Recruiting is a Sales Process on the Mountain Morning Show on Park City TV, "Candidates, The Holidays are the Best Time of Year to Interview", "Candidates, we discussed effective networking (don’t be an opera singer warming up), resumes, and other tips” , "RecruiterGuy’s 2012 Job Growth Prediction” , "Chelsea and RecruiterGuy Discuss Candidate Counter Offers”, "Dain and RecruiterGuy Discuss Internships from Corporate and Student Points of View” and Chelsea and Bill discuss Social Media Recruiting on the Mountain Morning Show on Park City TV.

As an expert talent acquisition contract recruitment consultant, Bill is in demand on college campuses since it is so difficult for new graduates to find the elusive few jobs out there. He presented "Getting the Edge on Your Job Search" for Assumption College continuing education department using Skype.

Bill presented "Secrets of a Successful Job Search" mini-workshop at the Student Services Building at the University of Utah Career Services Job Club. "Reinvigorate, Reinvent, and Reinforce" your Job Search. Julie Swaner, PhD of the Career Services Office at the University of Utah wrote a nice recommendation on LinkedIn following the presentation.

As a Human Capital Acquisition expert, Bill is a mentor for early stage startup companies as they prepare for their deal pitch to Venture Capitalists. Together we break away from the friends and family mentality that is pervasive in the entrepreneurial community and instead attract a leadership team that will propel the startup forward. Bill is also skilled at marketing from over 30 years of talent acquisition experience and helps with the marketing preparation for the deal pitch.

Bill completed a contract recruitment consulting project for a university incubator. Assessed a start-up technology company's recruitment related product and business model. Suggested a new market direction and completed documents to support new product.

The business model to focus on one company at a time and charge a flat monthly fee. This talent acquisition contract recruiter model enables the client to budget the third party assistance for the length of the contract. His client and he work to understand their recruitment process. Using his experience across multiple industries, we find ways to improve their process, employment brand, recruitment marketing, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) selection (if needed), assess managers' interviewing skills (and train if needed). We work together to find the best qualified candidates and recruit them.

Since 2002, he has only consulted with 6 companies/directors multiple times. Obviously they value our relationship. Based in Park City, he is used to working nationwide. His contract recruitment consulting business has had its own applicant tracking system (SmartSearch) since 2004, currently with over 12,000 resumes. He scrapes the Internet daily for resumes of candidates from all different fields. Typically his new clients are those feeling pain in recruitment or are dealing with peak recruitment needs. After working with him, they better understand the value he brings and invite him back for future peak recruitment efforts.

He works nationally with clients headquartered in Silicon Valley, Washington, DC, Boston, and in the Midwest. In order to best understand the client’s corporate culture and talent acquisition processes, this talent acquisition contract recruiter consultant prefers to spend time onsite. Please click on Our Approach for more details on RecruiterGuy's unique talent acquisition contract recruiter consulting approach.

Follow contract recruiter consultant tweets on Twitter - RecruiterGuy81.

Link directly with Bill on LinkedIn

RecruiterGuy was selected as the Salt Lake Corporate Recruitment Examiner and is writing a series of articles on Talent Acquisition Development based loosely on his successful Recruitment Strategy Development series of blogs. These articles demonstrate his value and knowledge as a contract recruiter consultant. points directly to the Corporate Resources HR/Recruitment Links page to give companies immediate free access to recruitment resources!! Corporate Recruiters may visit the Corporate Resources link for Talent Acquisition links to background investigations companies, drug testing companies, job boards, training and development, recruiter sourcing, and Applicant Tracking Systems. Soon RecruiterGuy will be adding links to relocation firms. Additionally there is a live recruitment feed from SHRM. These links demonstrate the talent acquisition strategic thinking that seasoned contract recruiter consultants can bring to your company.

As a talent acquisition contract recruiter consultant, RecruiterGuy has been exposed to many industries. One of the recent contract recruitment consulting engagements was with Acciona Energy North America in Chicago, IL. They are a great company and were fun to consult and recruit for. He demonstrated that his process for contract recruitment consulting works for new industries. He recruited for renewable energy construction jobs for building wind farms, developed job descriptions, and represented Acciona Energy North America at College and professional Career Fairs. As a talent acquisition contract recruiter consultant, Bill suggested improvements to the College Recruitment program and offered to help create a college intern program for the construction team

Candidates may go directly to a job search by utilizing The purpose of purchasing the Top Level domain (TLD) is to advertise for clients and to demonstrate to them the value of having a .jobs TLD. As a contract recruitment consulting firm, effectively demonstrates the value of the candidate ability to go directly to the list of job openings. Additionally the Internet job posting aggregators refresh their listings every night from the corporate .jobs URL's.

These innovations further demonstrate the value of using a seasoned Talent Acquisition Contract Recruiter consultant. By the way, Recruiters may go to the updated free Recruiter Resourceslinks for a special section of Contract Recruiter links that have been updated!

Check out the RecruiterGuy Blog ! Notes are written that comment on recruitment issues for corporate talent acquisition, third party recruiters, and candidates (including students) - in other words, potentially most of the working population. You may apply for those positions right from this website. The first post in November 2006 was an introduction. Subsequent posts were titled: "The Best Qualified Candidate Rarely Gets Hired" (recently updated), "Do You REALLY Want to be Happy at Your Next Job?", and Does Age Discrimination Really Exist?" Several months ago the Blog was "Let's Go Find the Wrong Person!"" Beginning the week of June 15, 2009, RecruiterGuy developed a series of blogs for companies on Recruitment Strategy Development - the reasons why and how to go about creating a recruitment strategy. This is a continuing series.

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Why Hire

Is your company experiencing problems attracting the Impact Performers? Have you developed a talent acquisition strategy to attract new employees as the economy heats up? You may want to read “Every Company Has a Recruiting Strategy (Some Just Don’t Know it)" How does your culture measure up to your competitors? Would it be beneficial for a Talent Acquisition Contract Recruiter Consultant to examine your culture, your recruitment processes, and recruit for you?

If so,'s contract recruitment consulting experience will partner with you to develop a strategy to attract the top talent. We have conducted successful contract recruitment assignments in technology (hardware and software engineers), sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing (including LEAN continuous improvement), human resources, renewable energy (wind farm) construction, and IT (including JD Edwards ERP manager and analysts). Generally we are brought into a contract recruitment consulting assignment by either a strategic Human Resource Department that is a business partner or by the executives in a firm.

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Applicant Tracking System purchased and installed the SmartSearch applicant tracking system in 2004. One of the immediate impacts to clients is the ability of client managers to view the recruitment activity per requisition 24/7 by visiting the client website. This applicant tracking experience is valuable when working with new clients. Candidates may click on Employment Opportunities to either apply to positions online or to submit your resume to the database for future consideration. Currently we have over 12,000 candidates from many fields including Biotechnology and Renewable Energy in our Applicant Tracking System. How many talent acquisition Contract Recruiter Consultants do you know have purchased their Applicant Tracking System? takes you right to our opportunities pages.

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Recruitment Workshops is offering "Employee Retention and Recruitment" Workshops tailored specifically for each client. Recently he was given high marks for this presentation for a new client. As an expert contract recruiter consultant, Bill offers a 4 hour workshop that incorporates behavioral interviewing and stresses the value of listening to candidate responses to develop follow-up questions (instead of focusing on the next question.

Bill is available to give either his "Secrets of a Successful Job Search" one hour presentation or 4 hour workshop on College Campuses. Contact Bill to check for schedule availability.

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Current/Recent Speaking Engagements

Bill Humbert, a seasoned talent acquisition contract recruitment consultant, is one of three volunteer organizers of the Park City Career Network that meets every Monday except holidays. He facilitates many meetings and discusses different aspects of the job search. Since August 2009, he and his fellow volunteers have coached and mentored 88 people to find new jobs during the deep job recession of 2008 to 2013. Another 15 have started new businesses including the Park City Culinary Institute.

Iowa City Area Development hosted "Dynamics of Your Job Search During a Recession” at the Iowa City Library on February 8, 2011. On February 10, 2011 Assumption College, Worcester, MA hosted RecruiterGuy on campus for “Dynamics of Your Job Search During a Recession”. On Feb. 11, 2011, The Saint Joseph’s College of Maine hosted Bill at the Harold Alfond Center on campus in Standish, ME.

on April 18, 2011, Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, IA welcomed Bill to present "Dynamics of Your Job Search During a Recession”. On April 19, 2011 The University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communications welcomed Bill to present “Dynamics of Your Job Search During a Recession”. The Internship and Placement Coordinator later wrote, “I wanted to thank you for the great show you gave the students on Tuesday. I know the students who attended took away some great insights. One stopped me later in the hall to tell me how she was using your advice. I have learned that students will tell me what works and not. This worked for them.”

On Wednesday, April 20, ICAD invited Margie Peskin and me to present “Mastering Networking to Further Your Career: LinkedIn as a Social Media Tool”.

On Thursday, May 12,2011, IowaWORKS hosted Bill’s presentation “Turn Hourly Positions into Great Opportunities” at their office in Cedar Rapids, IA.

As a known talent acquisition contract recruitment consultant, Bill is invited to conduct webinars. On January 28, 2010 he conducted a webinar on "The Best Qualified Candidate Rarely Gets the Job" - tips to recruit not only the best qualified candidate but find the best qualified candidate who is the best fit for your organization. RecruiterGuy presented "Creative Hiring for Small Businesses for the Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce on Friday, Feb. 20, 2009. He presented to candidates twice at the CorridorCareers Career Fair at Kirkwood Community College on Saturday, April 25, 2009. The topic was "How to get the Most out of Your CorridorCareer Fair 09. Look for coming presentations.
RecruiterGuy spoke at the Credit Union National Association YES Summit in Austin, TX on Dec. 5th on "Recruiting and Retaining Young Adult Employees". See my blogs in support of the conference.

Bill and his high school friend, Tom Grondalski taught three business classes at our high school alma mater, DeMatha High School on Sept. 28th, 2007. He also presented "What Qualities Companies are Looking for in Their Employees" at Transition Night at Marion High School in Marion, Iowa on March 5, 2007. RecruiterGuy was a panel member on KCRG TV on Sunday, March 11, 2007 on Ethical Perspectives. We discussed ethics in Recruitment and again on Oct. 28th when we discussed "Are Colleges doing their job?" . Bill gave a presentation on "Getting the Most Out of the Corridor Career Fair on Saturday, April 21, 2007 and received very high marks on his presentation. Bill was asked by his client, Trex Company, to present at their annual Human Resource Conference in August 2006 on "Sourcing and Interviewing Candidates." On Friday, Oct. 20, 2006 Bill spoke to a business class at his High School alma mater, DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, MD. Thanks for being such an attentive audience! On April 20th, Bill Humbert presented at the Lorman Education Services Seminar in Cedar Rapids, IA on the "Importance of Diversity in the Workplace and How to Successfully Recruit for it". On March 6, 2006, Bill Humbert, a talent acquisition Contract Recruiter, presented at the Marion High School and Linn-Mar High School Transition Night. The topic was "Qualities that Employers Look for in their Employees". Bill Humbert did a 4-hour "Secrets of a Successful Job Search" workshop for the members of the Northern Colorado Network (NoCoNet) in Ft. Collins, CO on Monday, Dec. 5, 2005. The workshop included covering all phases of a successful job search including the topics of effective networking, goal setting, company research, resume development, etc. with small group breakout sessions. He also spoke how to work effectively with contract recruitment businesses in your job search.

Bill was the keynote speaker on September 21, 2005 at Linn-Mar High School. The topic was "Life Experiences, a Bridge to the Workplace." He even showed how cross country hitchhiking benefited his work experience.

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Bill Humbert, a talent acquisition contract recruiter consultant, has been quoted in several articles in the Park Record since 2009 and was quoted in the April 20, 2008 Cedar Rapids Gazette Career Fair special section on how to conduct an online job search. Bill was quoted in the Cedar Rapids Gazette story on college recruits' work prospects in May 2008. Bill Humbert was quoted in an article in the Cedar Rapids Gazette on "Tips for Mature Job Seekers" in the special pre-Corridor Career Fair issue in April 2007. Bill Humbert, a Contract Recruiter consultant, was quoted in several articles in the Cedar Rapids Gazette in February 2007. The articles were focused on candidate job searches: "Use Multiple Resources in Job Search"; "Jobseeker, Know Thyself"; and, "Networking Needn't Feel Like Work". Bill was quoted several times in the October 2003 issue of "HR Magazine" in an article by Andrea Poe titled "Graduate Work". It is a discussion of behavioral interviewing for college recruits.

Bill is in the process of finishing his book on corporate recruitment to be published this summer. It will include his experience and others as examples how to improve the recruitment process in your company. This book is primarily based on his experience as a Contract Recruiter Consultant since 1992.

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Bill Humbert, an AIRS trained talent acquisition contract recruiter consultant of (a division of The Humbert Group LLC) draws on professional talent acquisition recruitment experience dating back to 1981. Since 1992, has worked primarily on a flat monthly fee contract recruitment consultant basis. This means that we deliver the best qualified full time employees to you in a manner that may be budgeted ahead and work with you to improve your recruitment processes and recruitment website. Another advantage of working this way is that there is no additional charge, no matter the number of hours worked, the number of candidates hired, or recruitment improvement impacts made.

The most important advantage of working with a talent acquisition contract recruiter consultant like Bill Humbert is the consulting that he offers while partnering with you. Asking the right questions comes only from years of contract recruitment consulting experience in many different industries. Certainly specializing in an industry offers some advantages. However, wouldn’t it be nice to take advantage of improving your recruitment and recruitment processes with someone who has successfully worked with firms in many different industries, from start-up to large corporations, and in many different economies across the nation? He has helped companies attract CEO’s, CFO’s, CIO, Vice Presidents in Corporate Counsel, Software, Internal Audit, and Sales.

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Business Model

In the book "Topgrading", Bradford Smart quotes a CEO regarding a large contingent search firm, "I asked for a lock-out list and found that the search firm was ethically forbidden to search in two-thirds of all Fortune 500 companies in our industry - their current clients. So, their pool of "A" players is one-third of what we expected."

The talent acquisition business model is different. Stay small. typically partners with one client at a time while charging a flat monthly fee. This is important because with such a small client list, we may contractually and ethically recruit virtually out of any company for you, including your competitors. At the same time we bring our management recruitment consulting experience to our contract.

We have over 20 years of Internet talent acquisition contract recruitment consulting experience beginning with Bill Warren's Online Career Center (OCC). Let us demonstrate how to save thousands of recruitment dollars per year yet remain effective. Internet Job Boards have their place in recruitment marketing. However, in order to be really effective attracting and delivering Impact Performers, we spend the time needed to direct source and find and deliver the passive candidates. We train you to do the same.

Our talent acquisition contract recruitment consulting experience has enabled us to develop successful recruitment strategies for many companies in different industries in most areas of the United States. We have experienced many different recruitment economies. What works in one economy or in one industry may not work in another as well. In other words, as a talent acquisition contract recruitment consulting firm, will develop and implement a talent acquisition strategy that works to solve your current talent acquisition challenges.

Some companies may hire us for talent acquisition contract recruitment consulting simply for our recruitment abilities. We enjoy the hunt for Impact Performers. We enjoy introducing candidates to our clients where both can become more successful. Using a combination of direct sourcing techniques and AIRS Internet search techniques, we work with you to deliver the best qualified candidates.

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This Website

The website is divided into several major threads - Corporate Resources; Recruitment Strategies; Candidate Resources, that includes resume development hints and Internet links; Employment Opportunities; and Recruiter Resources, that includes recruitment/HR networking and Internet links. Other important pages include Our Approach, New Grads, Book Reviews, and Presentations offered to groups or conventions.

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For your convenience, you may purchase recommended books on this site. These books are recruitment/interview related and are found in the resource areas of Corporate Clients, Candidates, Recruiters, and in the Book Review pages. Many of these books were read as part of our continuing effort to improve as a contract recruitment firm.

Please Bookmark this site or add it as one of your Favorites. Our goal is to make it the "Go To" site for Recruitment.

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